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The Study, Based On The Sme Financing Situation Of The Government Perspective And Countermeasures

Posted on:2012-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the international economic competition increasingly intense, China is facing more and more challenge. The development of SMEs has become the magic weapon to the competition and challenge. The SMEs contributes a lot towards national economic development. The SMEs is becoming China's national economic growth and the basis for coordinated operation of forces. In the promotion of science and technology, ease of employment, promote economic growth, promote economic restructuring and optimization, SMEs also play an irreplaceable role.However, due to the existence of small and medium enterprises small scale, weak in strength, lack of collateral security features, at the same time, by the system of property rights, credit and guarantee system, financing risk and cost factors, SMEs is difficult to obtain financing necessary for the development of its own, making their development so difficultly. Traced the Source, the SMEs is encountered the "market failure "during the financing process.Therefore, as the national macro-control, the Government should use its resources to intervene and support of SME financing, promote and improve the establishment of SME financing system, guide and improve the financing capacity of SMEs,in order to ease the financing of SMEs in the face of "market failure."In view of this, Firstly, this article exposition the theory of SMEs financing, in order to establish basis for the research of SMEs financing. Then, the article introduced the Status of SMEs financing, pointed out the problems of SMEs financing, and analyze the reasons, and further pointed out the need for the Government to support SMEs financing. On this basis, the article proposal the general principles and the system framework to building the SME financing system.The the article as the examples, On the basis of investigate and analysy the the status of SME financing,the article proposed that the countries should be made to implement the credit policy to support SMEs, promoting cooperation between banks and broaden, improve the channels of SMEs financing, improve the credit environment, increasing the financial support of for SMEs financing.
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