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Government Policy Support For Smes Financing

Posted on:2016-07-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330482960101Subject:Public administration
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Since the reform and opening, rapid development of SMEs, to promote the role of China’s economic development is more and more obvious. With the continuous development of China’s economy and accession to the WTO, the development of SMEs ushered in the new opportunities and challenges. Especially the 2008 financial crisis, the global market turmoil caused by fallen trade a lot of SMEs, the problem such as financial strain. Due to the small scale of SMEs, cash flow is limited, can be used for the assets of the bank loan is relatively small, are faced with financing difficult problem. In the face of such situation, the Chinese government introduced various policies, including legal policy, fiscal policy, financial policy to give support to the SMEs financing. However, although the government a lot of support policies for SMEs financing, there are still some loopholes and problems relevant policy, effect is not obvious.Paper through to the Chinese government to support SMEs financing policy analysis, in contrast to draw lessons from foreign advanced experience of the government’s policy support SMEs financing, on the basis of pointed out our country government policy support for SMEs financing problems and reasons, and proposes the corresponding solution effectively, promote the continuous improvement of the SMEs financing policy, establish a perfect supporting system, try our best to improve the financial difficulties of SMEs, ensure the long-term stable development of SMEs.
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