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Our Country Small And Medium-sized Enterprise Financing Difficult Problem Analysis And Related Suggestions

Posted on:2013-10-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Small and Medium-sized Enterprises(SMEs) is the basic strength to promote national economic development, to construct the market economic entities, and to promote social stability. Simultaneously, SMEs are playing an increasingly important role to ensure moderate growth of national economy, In2010, China has more than50million SMEs,60%of our total economic output,50%of the tax, and80%of the urban jobs are provided by SMEs.While, for the economic development goals of realization of the wealthy and strong country, the wealthy and powerful people, countries around the world attach great importance to vigorously promote the development of SMEs.After international financial crisis in2008, the development of SMEs has been influenced by international and domestic situation, and exposed many problems. Difficulties in financing,as a bottleneck restricting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, have already been taken seriously by more and more academia. In fact, even in the West economically developed countries, which have sound systems of financial support, active and well-developed financial markets, perfect laws and regulations, SMEs also have financing problems in different levels. China, as a developing country in the primary stage of socialism, has problems such as national financial support system is not yet consummate, laws and regulations are not systematic and perfect, functioning of financial markets is not yet standardized, SME’s development is not yet sufficient. The accumulation of those factors makes the financing problem of SMEs especially serious. So, financing difficulties become one of the causes of restricting our SMEs to play a greater role in economic growth.This paper not only analyzes the difficult situation of SME financing, and its internal and external causes, but also analyzes the practices, ideas and inspirations of solving the problem of SME financing in some countries and regions. On this basis, the author makes appropriate recommendations and countermeasures.Firstly, all SMEs should focus on economic growth point, with the economic restructuring-related policies, perfect their management system, strive to improve their operating strength, the market competitiveness of product or service, and constantly improve the social credibility and financing prestige. SMEs should maintain healthy communication with banks and other financial institutions to actively promote the bank-enterprise collaboration.Secondly, banks, credit corporations, small loan companies and other financial institutions should insist on the basis of giving priority to efficiency, continuously innovative business ideas, strive to raise awareness of service; For the characteristics of loans to SMEs, these financial institutions should innovative financial instruments, to enhance efficiency of examination and approval; on the basis of risk prevention and control, these financial institutions should continuously improve the credit mechanism, actively explore the pricing mechanism, efforts to improve the credit rating system, continuously expand the financing channels and provide services for SMEs.Finally, the government should give full play to the role of macro-control, actively use of policy guidance, guide and support the development of SMEs. The Government should use several methods,such as legal system’s protection, support of tax policy, improving credit management system, to solve difficulties of SMEs financing, to encourage SMEs to technological innovation,to establishment of SME credit system,and to continuously improve the credit guarantee system, and should also build a public service platform, bring down the financing services’ cost.This paper studies the difficulties of SMEs financing at current stage, and their underlying causes, exploratory ponder and summarizes the recommendations and countermeasures which can deal with these problems. This research has important practical and theoretical significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small and Medium-sized Enterprises(SMEs), financing, economicdevelopment, support policy
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