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A Report On The Translation Of The Companion Volume With New Descriptors To The CEFR (Excerpt)

Posted on:2021-12-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z W ZhuFull Text:PDF
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The assessment of language competence requires a unified and authoritative standard of measurement.At present,China is in the process of connecting the China's Standards of English Language Ability(CSE)with IELTS,TOEFL and other exams.The translation of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages:Learning,Teaching,Assessment(CEFR)has certain reference significance for promoting the development of the CSE.Therefore,the translation report is based on the translation of the “mediation” part of the CEFR Companion Volume,and analyzes and discusses the translation difficulties to better solve the translation difficulties of such texts.Long sentence translation is the difficulty in English-Chinese translation.The source text adopted in the translation report have many long sentences,and long and numerous modifiers and clauses make up its complex structure,which leads to difficulty in understanding and expression.The report emphasizes the long sentence translation,and first introduces the source text,the background and significance of the translation,and the preparation and analysis before translation.Secondly,the report makes case analyses of the difficulties in translation from the structural and logical aspects of sentences.The main translation strategies adopted include syntactic linearity,splitting translation,reversion,amplification and omission,conversion,and extraposition.Finally,the report summarizes the translation practice,as well as the existing problems and insufficiencies.The purpose of this report is to make a conscious choice of translation strategies and techniques under the guidance of linguistic adaptation theory,adapting to the specific linguistic contexts and communicative objects,and to make flexible translation on the premise of conveying the original information faithfully and formally,to provide references for long sentence translation of similar texts in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:CEFR, long sentence translation, translation strategies, linguistic adaptation theory
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