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Research On The Governance Of Rural Corruption Based On The Combination Of Autonomy,Rule Of Law And Rule Of Virtue

Posted on:2021-06-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y N PangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2506306017457234Subject:Science of Law
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The report of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the requirement of zero tolerance of corruption.The"Guiding Opinions on Strengthening and Improving Rural Governance" also proposed to increase the punishment of grassroots small and micro power corruption,extending from corruption of senior officials to corruption of village officials,from high pressure.Anti-corruption to the formation of a clean society and a sense of integrity.As the momentum of corruption continues to sink,the problem of rural corruption is intensifying.How to manage the problem of rural corruption is not only related to the harm to the society and the people caused by the corruption of the village itself,but also to the corruption-free zone The realization of the goal is related to the steady progress of the rural revitalization strategy.The construction of a rural corruption governance system that combines self-governance,rule of law and morality is in line with the corruption governance mechanism in China's national conditions.The full text comprehensively uses comparative research,case analysis,literature research and other methods to specifically discuss in four chapters.The article first introduces the research background and significance,the research status at home and abroad,research methods,innovations and shortcomings.Secondly,in order to eradicate the ills of rural corruption,combining the characteristics of rural corruption that are increasingly extensive,concentrated and concentrated,and the frequency of rural crime,the amount of rural corruption is large and strong in concealment,it points out the reasons for the formation of rural corruption,that is,internal self-discipline and The double absence of supervisory agencies,the interests of the "relationship network" drive rural corruption,the absence of rural anti-corruption legal systems,the lack of information disclosure mechanisms,and imperfect accountability mechanisms.Thirdly,it explains the meaning of the rule of law and the rule of virtue,and discusses the relationship between the three.Autonomy is a governance model in which villagers exercise self-management and self-supervision in autonomous organizations,the rule of law is the guarantee of autonomy,and the rule of virtue is the internal motivation for the formation of a sense of integrity.The combination of the three realizes the coordination of the rule of law and the rule of virtue.The theoretical foundations of the rule of law by self-government are the people's sovereignty theory,consultative democracy theory and good governance theory.The source of rights of rural anti-corruption subjects is inseparable from sovereignty,democracy,and law.The author agrees with the views of the theory of good governance,and the combination of self-governance,rule of law and rule of virtue is aimed at achieving good governance.According to the characteristics and causes of rural corruption,the countermeasures of rural corruption governance based on the combination of three governances are proposed to build a new era of good governance of rural corruption.Vigorously promote the cooperation between villagers' independent supervision and other power supervisions,and create an encircling force of collaborative supervision.Give full play to the rule consciousness and guarantee functions of the rule of law,promote the idea of clean government,internalize the sense of integrity into the cultural connotation of the rural society,and set a new stage for building a clean society.Finally,the author proposes a "triangular pyramid" governance model that combines the rule of law and the rule of virtue in order to achieve the "product effect" of the combination of the three rules.The combination of self-government rule of law and rule of virtue is not a simple addition,but forms a set of mutual restraint.In this model,the three rule are interlocked.Based on autonomy,the concept of rule of law is deepened,a sense of integrity is established,and a village is built.The atmosphere of "good governance" will eventually achieve an effective solution to the problem of rural corruption.
Keywords/Search Tags:autonomy, rule of law, rule of virtue, rural corruption control
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