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An Analysis Of The Community Culture Construction Patterns Under The Perspective Of "The Combination Of Rule Of Law,Rule Of Virtue And Autonomy"

Posted on:2020-06-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330575471262Subject:Social work
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The construction of community culture has always been an important part of China's grassroots governance.With the rapid development of Hefei's economy,people's material life is increasingly rich,and the masses are paying more and more attention to the spiritual civilization construction of their communities.Cultural construction is a systematic project involving all aspects of community life.However,most of the current cormmunities are often in a fragmented,sporadic,and heterogeneous situation in the practice of cultural construction.In construction,they tend to focus only on one aspect,such as the construction of material culture,while ignoring the integrity of cultural construction.Systematized.This paper takes the FX community in Hefei as the research field,focuses on the study of the cultural construction model of the community,and uses behavioral theory,social system theory,empowerment theory and relevant theories of cultural sociology to try to use the "rule of law" and "The" three-in-one integration" perspective combining the rule of virtue and "autonomy" provides a new cultural construction model for practitioners of community governance.The reason why the author has such research orientation is that the research topic is closely related to the professional direction of the author during the period of study--social social work.Second,the author benefits from the support of the tutor research project in terms of time and funding.The author has a personal experience and great interest in the practice of community culture construction.In termis of structure,this paper specifically includes five parts.In the first part of the thesis,the author mainly explains the background of this paper,sorts out the literatures at home and abroad,states the research process and methods of the author.In the second part of the thesis,the author firstly summarizes the overall situation of the FX community from the macro level,and then analyzes the current situation of FX community culture construction from the four aspects of material culture,behavior culture,institutional culture and spiritual culture.In the research process of the author,it was found that the FX community currently has four major problems:cultural resources and derailment of residents'needs,single "teaching"management,imperfect legal system and unstable talent team.In the third part of the thesis,based on the current situation of FX community culture construction in Hefei City,the author proposes a "three-in-one" model with certain theoretical value and practical significance.By distinguishing the three concepts of "rule of law" and "rule of law","character" and "behavior","freedom" and"consciousnesst",the author explores "what is the "three governance" and further analyzes the "three-in-one integration" model.In the fourth part of the thesis,the author summarizes the specific measures that the FX community is worthy of reference in the process of cultural construction,and further explores how to implement the "three-in-one integration" model.Specifically include:First,adhere to the leadership of the party and government.The author strengthens the grassroots party building is a red line that runs through grassroots governance..Therefore,in the process of community culture construction,we should always insist on party building.On the one hand,efforts should be made to build a party building front,to provide a political and cultural environment for the construction of community culture,and on the other hand,to actively enrich the connotation of party building activities and to create an excellent moral trend of knowing,honoring,humiliating and devotion.Second,the construction of community culture should be based on the "law"and improve the rule of law in the community.On the one hand,the "joint law enforcement"work program can be adopted to increase community law enforcement.On the other hand,a"six-level grid" management approach can be adopted to strengthen community IMIS capabilities.Third,the construction of community culture should take "German"as the soul and attach importance to multi-party education.On the one hand,we should deepen community education and promote the building of spiritual civilization in the community.On the other hand,we should optimize school education,develop educational resources,and provide students with a good learning environment.In addition,family education cannot be ignored.It is important to promote good family style and inherit traditional virtues.Fourth,the construction of community culture should be guided by "autonomy" and promote mutual help and mutual assistance.On the one hand,the "Lezhi" special fund can be established to promote the sharing of community cultural resources.On the other hand,it should incubate community self-governing organizations and enhance the "autonomy" of the community,such as FX's building self-governing organizations,residents committees and various special committees.In addition,we should cultivate the spirit of community self-government and create a cultural atmosphere of "autonomy"of community participation and common governance.Fifth,the author believes that talent is the key anyway.The development and promotion of community culture construction needs to rely on the community talent team,and stable cultural service personnel,professional cultural counselors,enthusiastic cultural volunteers and caring social workers are the main components of the community talent team.The fifth part of this article,which is the last chapter of this article,is a review of the research content of the whole paper.
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