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Study On The Construction Of The Rural Cadre Team Under The Background Of Rural Revitalization

Posted on:2022-03-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X P LeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2506306344476224Subject:Public Administration
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The No.1 document of the central government in 2021 pointed out rural problems.The implementation of rural revitalization is ultimately dependent on the strength of rural cadres who are living and producing in rural areas and working under the government.This study takes the construction of rural cadre team in Rongchang District under the background of rural revitalization as the study sample,using three methods,and based on the theory of New Public Management and Fidler's Contingent Leadership Theory and Incentive Theory,the research object of this paper is investigated and analyzed.The research is mainly conducted by network questionnaire and supplemented by interview.A total of 322 questionnaires were distributed to government workers,village-level cadres and the general public in Rongchang District,and 322 valid surveys were collected with 100% effective.Through sorting out and summarizing these effective surveys,and supplemented by interviews individual with subjects,it is concluded that the rural cadre team in Rongchang District still has many problems,such as unreasonable structure,weak job security,insufficient cadre ability and other problems,which restrict the smooth advancement of rural revitalization strategy.In the process of carrying out this research,considering individual,organizational and external environmental aspects,the following problems are found,and they are: the rural cadres learning initiative is not strong;ideological understanding is not high;poor work experience,existing rural cadres wage system is imperfect;innovation of training system for rural cadres,selection and incentive channel impeded,the village collective economy is weak.In view of the above problems and reasons,this paper uses the above three theories to put forward three suggestions to further optimize the construction of rural cadres,namely,to improve the ideological understanding and ability of rural cadres,to strengthen the organizational guarantee of rural cadres,and to improve the external environment for rural cadres to start their own business.It is expect that this research can provide a certain reference for the construction of the rural cadre team in Rongchang District,and can further improve the overall quality and ability of this group,and help the development of various undertakings in rural revitalization.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural revitalization, Rural cadres, Team construction, Rongchang District,Chongqing Municipality
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