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The Women's Federation Of Yongan City In Fujian Province Participated In The Rural Revitalization Studies

Posted on:2021-09-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2506306515499764Subject:Public Management
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In September 2016,in accordance with the unified deployment of the ALL-China Women's Federation,the reform process of the ALL-China Women's Federation system was initiated from top to bottom and promoted synchronously.The implementation of the rural revitalization strategy is a systematic project,which requires the joint participation of multiple forces to improve the level of good governance in rural areas.From the current point of view,there is still a big gap between the participation force of rural governance and the urgent need of rural revitalization,so it is necessary to strengthen the construction of multiple forces.As a part of the rural governance system,grassroots women's federations should give full play to their organizational advantages and lead women to participate in rural revitalization.Under the guidance of theories of social organization and collaborative governance,this study,from the perspective of a woman worker,USES methods such as literature analysis,research interview and questionnaire survey,and combines with the planning and promotion of rural revitalization of Yong 'an City to summarize the status quo and effectiveness of rural revitalization in the service area of Yong 'an City Women's Federation.At the same time,there are some problems,such as insufficient service project depth,weak working team ability,insufficient role of "link",and low level of new media application.The deep-seated reasons mainly lie in organizational positioning,system management,financial support,incentive mechanism and so on.On the basis of in-depth analysis of the reasons,this study puts forward four countermeasures: first,strengthen the brand operation to help the prosperity of rural industry;Second,promote the true,the good and the beautiful and promote local civilization;Third,we will help build livable villages around the framework of co-governance.Fourth,we will strengthen the ranks of our people and help rejuvenate rural talents.Through these countermeasures,we hope to improve the problems existing in the participation of the Women's Federation in the rural revitalization of the territory,and provide reference for the women's Federation to serve the rural revitalization.
Keywords/Search Tags:governance ability, Rural revitalization, Women's organizations
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