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Research And Application Of Junior High School Mathematics Problem Solving Strategies

Posted on:2014-08-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present, there is a widespread phenomenon in mathematics teaching in China. On one hand, teachers have put a lot of effort in studying maths and the students achieved good results in mathematics learning. On the other hand, the students may not achieve a deep facet of the concept of the knowledge, the usage and the understanding. Therefore, cultivating students’ability of solving mathematical problems in mathematics teaching has become a hot issue of research in the field of mathematics. And the necessary key to teaching mathematics in junior school is to develop students’ability of solving the maths problems.The new round of the revolution of the maths course in the junior middle school has begun in the teaching experimental district. Many new teaching principles are raised in the new curriculum standard of maths. In it, the development of students’ mathematical problem solving strategies is the basic aim to mathematics teaching. From the cognitive character of mathematical problem solving in junior school and the phenomena of mathematical problem solving strategies, this article expounds the quality, essence and importance of mathematical problem solving strategies. It proposes mathematical problem-solving strategies and ideas from the following three parts.The first part is the general problem solving strategy. This strategy is suitable for general mathematical problems. The general problem solving strategy has four steps as follows:1. understand the main idea of the problem;2.make the problem solving plan;3. solve it according to the plan;4. answer and inspection. Concrete illustration and analysis of every step are also listed in order to make students form a further understanding of the usage of the general problem solving strategy.The second part is the specific problem-solving strategies. This strategy method is suitable for some of the mathematic problems. Special problem-solving strategies include the following parts:1. simplified drawing;2.simplified title;3. operating and conjecture;4. inversion. Use the typical examples to analyze every method. In the process of teaching, to enable students to understand and grasp these methods, the teachers should be asked to put the question in the establishment of the zone of proximal development of students. In other words, put "solving the problem" as the starting point, lead it and penetrate it to the students. The third part is the mathematical thought and method. It includes the following parts:1.classification;2.the union of the number and the shape;3.function and equation.4.reduction.5. Mathematical models Mathematics method of thinking is an important part of mathematics teaching. How to put the mathematical thought and method in mathematics teaching is still problems which teachers need to study.At last, it summarizes how to strongly cultivate the strategies of solving mathematical problems. In the course of training, the teacher should be asked to learn and explore the mathematical problem solving strategy and ways of thinking in the education and teaching process, which have some influence on students and make the things above form some thoughts on education. The purpose of this article is to let the teachers know about the importance of the development and the cultivation of solving mathematical problems as well as the mathematical thinking of students in the teaching. Meanwhile, guide the educational practice.Today, the training of mathematical problem solving strategies has become an important part of secondary school mathematics teaching. Mathematical problem-solving strategies merge into the textbook, which is an indispensable part of the teaching material system. It is the guidance of the instructional design and the commander of the classroom teaching. Thus, it is an integral part of modern mathematics education to enable students to master the mathematical problem-solving strategies. To strengthen the quality of mathematics education, we should put mathematical problem solving strategies and ways of thinking into the scope of the basic knowledge. With the in-depth teaching of the mathematical problem solving strategies and ways of thinking, the penetration of mathematical problem solving strategies in teaching activities will further enhance the quality of mathematics teaching.
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