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Research On Legal Issues Of Internet Equity Crowdfunding In My Country

Posted on:2021-10-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Internet equity crowdfunding is a new mode of financial financing operation that has emerged in China in recent years.The financing parties publish projects that need to be financed on the Internet equity crowdfunding platform to attract investors on the Internet equity crowdfunding platform to invest in financing projects.After the operation of the financing project,the investors can obtain the corresponding equity as the return on investment,and the investors will obtain the future equity income of the financing under the mode of Internet equity crowdfunding financial financing operation.This new mode of capital operation reduces the threshold of financing for start-ups and small and micro enterprises in China,makes the idle funds of the vast number of individual investors condensed,and indirectly stimulates country development of market economy.invest in start-ups or small and medium-sized enterprises in the form of subscription equity,and provide rapid and efficient financial support for start-ups or small and medium-sized enterprises that lack funds.Therefore,the operation mode of Internet equity crowdfunding capital further promotes innovates China's industrial transformation and market economy.Internet equity crowdfunding has far-reaching significance in the important and key areas of financial innovation in China.However,due to the short development time of Internet equity crowdfunding,the market economy of our country is still in the groping forward stage,coupled with the lag of the law and other factors,so far has not formally issued with its supporting legal norms system,The absence of law makes the development of Internet equity crowdfunding worse.Based on the analysis of three typical cases in the judicial practice,this paper proposes a comprehensive and systematic proposal and measures to improve the legal risk that the three parties may fall into under the new mode of financial financing.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet Stock Raising, Financing Agreement, Intermediary, Information Disclosure
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