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Research On The Current Situation And Countermeasures Of Sports Activities Between Primary Schools In Conghua District,Guangzhou City

Posted on:2022-08-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306491468744Subject:Physical Education Teaching
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With the vigorous development of our country's economy,the material conditions of the people across the country are improving day by day,and the physical condition of students is not optimistic.The phenomenon of "little chubby" and "small hunchback" in schools is a matter of great concern to the country,society,government and families.In recent years,the state has issued many policy documents related to improving the physical health of students.The school should ensure that students' exercise time at school to delay the decline of students' physical fitness.It can be seen that the Ministry of Education attaches great importance to and supports students' physical health.The development of school sports.Large break sports activities have evolved from traditional break exercises in the late 1990 s.They have the effect of promoting the development of students in many aspects.They not only relieve the pressure on students' learning during the activities,but it is also an hour of sports activities.An important way to implement this policy.This research is based on the current situation of the large-class breaks in primary schools in Conghua District,Guangzhou City.It analyzes the large-class breaks of primary schools in Conghua District,Guangzhou City by using literature distribution,field investigations,questionnaire surveys and mathematical statistics.Analyze the factors that affect the development of the primary school's major breaks,summarize the existing problems and propose development countermeasures.The research conclusions are as follows:1 The time and frequency of large-class breaks in primary schools in Conghua District meet the standards of the Ministry of Education and have become normal.The content presents rich and diverse,interesting game sports items that students generally like.2 School leaders and class teachers have a higher degree of participation in sports activities between classes.The organization is mainly carried out in the form of a combination of school-wide collective activities,grade grouping and class grouping.3 Most students are willing to participate in the big break,and students' perception of the big break is positive.The school's publicity work is insufficient between classes.4 Most schools have the experience of participating in large-scale inter-class appraisals,but the internal supervision and evaluation mechanism of most schools has not been systematized,and it is difficult to play the role of evaluation mechanism.5 Primary schools in Conghua District lack indoor stadiums.In bad weather,it is difficult for the school to organize students in large breaks.6 Physical education teachers organize large workloads between classes,which reflects the lack of physical education teachers.
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