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Design Of Project Based Learning Activities Based On STEM Education

Posted on:2022-02-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306500961469Subject:Master of Education
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Under the environment of rapid development of social science and technology,the direction of education reform in various countries is to cultivate innovative and creative talents and develop students' comprehensive quality.STEM education has attracted much attention in many countries due to its unique educational value.Many countries have issued a series of policies to advocate researchers to implement STEM education in the classroom to support the development of STEM education.The combination of STEM education and project learning is a basic teaching orientation to realize STEM education.Practical results have proved that project learning is more conducive to the implementation of STEM education and the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality.Water purification is the important content of high school chemistry curriculum reflects interdisciplinary accomplishment,based on the theoretical study on STEM project,try to make simple water purifiers as the carrier,such as science,technology,engineering and mathematics interdisciplinary knowledge integration,the development of STEM project case study and teaching practice,rich STEM project case study and to explore the effect of schools in remote areas.First of all,the literature related to STEM program learning was reviewed,and the current research status of STEM education and STEM program learning at home and abroad was reviewed.The connotation of STEM education,project learning and STEM program learning activities was explained by referring to the previous research results,and the theoretical discussion of STEM program learning activities was also carried out.This paper summarizes the components of STEM project learning activities,clarifies the functional value of STEM project learning activities,and summarizes the design principles and processes of STEM project learning activities.Then,with the support of theories,the development and design of learning activities for STEM projects are carried out from five aspects.Firstly,the situation analysis is carried out;secondly,the selection and organization of content are carried out;secondly,the goals are set according to the framework of STEM literacy and the curriculum standards are combined;secondly,the specific implementation plan is designed;finally,the evaluation plan is made.According to the above process,a STEM project learning activity with the theme of "Making Simple Water Purifier" was designed.In order to discuss the implementation effect of the activity,students from the science and technology innovation community of a middle school in Huan County were selected as the implementation objects to carry out classroom practice.The results show that the STEM learning activity with the theme of "making simple water purifier" developed and designed in this study can be successfully implemented in middle schools in remote areas,and the design and implementation of the activity can improve students' STEM knowledge,ability,thinking and emotional attitude.Finally,this paper summarizes the research conclusions,reflects on some problems in the research process,puts forward suggestions for the development and design of STEM program learning activities,and prospects the research direction of STEM program learning.
Keywords/Search Tags:STEM education, Project-based learning, STEM project-based learning activity design, Water purification, Water purifier
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