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An Action Research Of Tibetan Primary School Chinese Classroom In Cultural Response Teaching

Posted on:2022-08-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306500962329Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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The theory of cultural response teaching is of great significance for strengthening the consciousness of the Chinese nation community,inheriting the excellent culture of the Chinese nation and satisfying the cultural adaptability of Tibetan students.However,the current research on culture-responsive teaching has some problems,such as the ambiguity of the connotation of culture in the theory of culture-responsive teaching,the insufficient localization of the theory of culture-responsive teaching in China,and the lack of in-depth research on the practice of culture-responsive teaching.According to the existing research,this study of "culture" refers to the Chinese nation excellent culture,and on the basis of multicultural integration education theory,cultural response to teaching theory,and construct the theory of cognitive response to Tibetan area culture teaching theory framework,mainly includes the cultural response to teaching concept,content,teachers and students of four elements,and the action research method is committed to improving Tibetan primary school Chinese classroom teaching.Based on the analysis of the constructed theoretical framework,it is found that there are some problems in Tibetan primary school Chinese classroom culture response teaching,such as the lack of culture response teaching concept,the one-sided culture response teaching content,the lack of comprehensive ability of culture response teaching and the low learning efficiency of students.In view of the current situation of cultural response teaching in Tibetan areas,this study went deep into the case school and carried out three stages of action research on the choice of Chinese classroom teaching.Action research results on "Palace Museum","colorful activities","Beijing Opera anecdotal stories",such as text display,the first two stages by the researchers and T teacher cooperation consultation,the teacher to complete the final phase is mainly composed of T,and self-reflection,is guided by helping to complete the progressive process of independence.Through the cooperation and analysis of the three stages of cultural response teaching,this study concludes that the concept of cultural response teaching has a guiding role in the improvement of Tibetan primary school Chinese teaching.The content of cultural response teaching is the basis of the improvement of Tibetan primary school Chinese teaching.Teachers of cultural response teaching play an important role in improving Chinese teaching in Tibetan primary schools.The students of cultural response teaching is the practice of the concept of "student-centered" in Tibetan primary school Chinese teaching improvement.Cultural response teaching theory model construction and teaching improvement are interactive dynamic relationship.Based on the three-stage action research process,this paper concludes that the cultural response teaching in Tibetan areas has the characteristics of relevance,adaptability,situational and generative,and tries to integrate the students' own culture with the excellent culture of the Chinese nation to form the ability of cultural adaptation.Therefore,a multi-level systematic response teaching model under the mode of cultural integration in Tibetan region is constructed.Again based on the theory of action research process and structure,put forward the implementation of khalid ents,with literacy education goal,improve literacy,cultivate cultural response to teaching teachers,contact life condition of arteries and veins,generate culture respond to the content of teaching,improve the mechanism of the system,such as strengthening the consciousness of the concept of cultural response to teaching promotion strategy,in order to help Tibetan schools improve education quality.
Keywords/Search Tags:cultural response teaching, Primary school Chinese, Action research
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