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Research On Reading Teaching Of Whole Chinese Book In Junior Middle School ——Taking The Bibliography Of Famous Works As An Example

Posted on:2022-12-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Reading is the life of Chinese,and reading the whole book is the process of obtaining a complete experience of human life.For junior middle school students who are in the habit formation stage,the whole book reading process not only enriches students' cultural accumulation and expands their knowledge vision,but also constructs the Chinese knowledge system and improves students' Chinese literacy,which plays a positive role in promoting junior middle school students to develop good reading habits and even lifelong reading habits.In fact,there are many problems in the whole book reading teaching of junior middle school students.These problems are not only reflected in students' learning,but also reflected in Teachers' teaching.The purpose of this research is to take the 12 famous works recommended in junior middle school Chinese textbooks as an example,through the way of questionnaire and data analysis,find out the specific problems existing in the whole book reading teaching in junior middle school,and explore the effective reading methods that can change the current situation.At the same time,optimize the teaching evaluation of reading the whole book,cultivate students' correct reading values,stimulate students' interest in reading the whole book,correct students' attitude towards reading the whole book,and enable students to develop good reading habits and lifelong reading habits.This paper discusses the teaching of whole book reading for junior middle school students by using four methods: literature research,questionnaire survey,observation and data analysis.In the introduction part,the paper expounds the three reasons for choosing the topic in detail.For the whole book reading,its basic concept runs through the whole curriculum standard,and there are clear arrangements in Chinese teaching materials,but there are many problems in practical teaching.Then the paper expounds the significance of reading the whole book with five advantages,and encourages contemporary junior middle school teachers and students to pay attention to reading the whole book ideologically,and change passivity into initiative to actively practice reading the whole book.Using the method of data analysis,this paper makes a vertical analysis and horizontal comparison of the two questionnaires,and obtains the problems and influencing factors in the reading teaching of the whole book.The last part is the core of the paper.The paper divides the 12 required readings recommended in Chinese teaching materials into three types: text works,reading works and evaluation works.Different reading methods are recommended for each type of works,and diversified evaluation suggestions are given in combination with curriculum standards and teaching practice.It is hoped that through the reform of reading teaching,students can set sail with reading interest,make double oars with perseverance and talent,enjoy cultural dinner in the reading of the whole book,form the habit of conscious reading and form the habit of lifelong reading.
Keywords/Search Tags:junior middle school Chinese, whole book reading, stylistic reading method, reading reading method, evaluation reading method
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