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Research On The Key Technique Of Design For Mass Customization

Posted on:2003-05-10Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J F LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1102360092975978Subject:Mechanical and electrical engineering
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With the worldwide competition and the improvement of customers' requirements,the speed of product updating become more and more fast,which put forward more high requirements to enterprises in product development.How to develop product with low cost and short lead time and high quality is the key to enhance enterprises' competion. Traditional mass production can not accommodate customers' diverse and individual requirements,but mass customization is a new manufacture mode,which is the common characteristic of diversified modern manufacture mode. It is a urgent problem for modern manufacture industry to utilize information technology to reform the traditional production. As products originate from designing, Undoubtedly the theory and method of design for mass customization(DFMC) is exigently worth researching.Under the foundation of domestic and overseas research,the major research work focuses on the following issues:Multi-Agent System(MAS) can provide a sort of generaK open and unified frame structure. This paper firstly makes use of MAS in DFMC research.Functional model of DFMC based on MAS is built.The function of respective agent is expatiated in the details.To implement collaborative design and concurrent design is discussed. Product modeling is the key technology for DFMC,becomes perfect gradually with the developmeng of advanced manufacture technology.The requirement for product modeling is discussed.all kinds of current practical modeling methods are introduced in the details.The object-oriented modeling method and the modeling method based on STEP are expounded.Referencing on the philosophy of The object-oriented modeling method and the modeling method based on STEP ,This Paper put forward multiple views description of design for product family.According to the characteristic of gear box product,product model for gear box is proposed though The object-oriented technology and STEP technology,which is composed of various parts,that is,functional modek scheme modek structure model and attached information model.The integrated method of rule based reasoning and case based reasoning is used.The general process of solving problem for typical expert system for case based reasoning is put forward. The hiberarchy case base of product family is is the key step for implementing design for mass customization. The paper focuses on the research on matching product family case about design for mass customization.The two-level matching strategy is implemented.To match for different Categories of product family through rule based reasoning and To precisely match for characteristic property of product family through case based reasoning, according to the value to measure the similarity beteen a new desired part and any old part in the case.the best similar case is matched.This paper discusses the concept of work flow,imports the concept of relational CAD and parameter-driven CAD, subsequently applying CORBA technology and software component technology puts forward the necessity to reorganize current CAD and designs a new form for the customization of CAD software to meet user's requirements and solve theproblem of software redundancy.Taking cone gear as example,this paper presents the design guidance of cone gear and emphasizes that it is the key step to match the most similar gear in standardized gear parts base. The customization of CAD software for gear boxes is developed successfully.Applying the concept of work flow, this paper design a series of intelligent guidances of design flow for the parts of gear boxes,which can improve the efficiency to the designer of gear boxes, decrease lead time and cost of design, enable gear boxes design professional, rational and standard.This paper firstly put forward the theory that robust design can be utilized to carry out the performance analysis and assessment for mass customization products. The relation between DFMC and robust design is elaborated and the theory of robust design is introduced in the details. The software of Classical parameter desig...
Keywords/Search Tags:design for mass customization, Multi-Agent system technology, concurrent design, group technology, product information modeling, product family matching, intelligence guidance, robust analysis
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