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The Technique Research Of Measurement And Control On Manufacture Quality In-process

Posted on:2004-01-12Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1102360092980674Subject:Measuring and Testing Technology and Instruments
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The management and control on manufacture quality is an important part in ISO9000. Quality consists in entire lifecycle of a production. Zero defect production is an ideal object. Being on speaking the term, the quality control on-line, advanced measurement instrument in-process and analysis of the quality information in manufacture should be improved continuous so that the factors to introduce machining error can be found and eliminated and waster rate is fallen. The technique and principle of precision measurement, automatization control, machining precision, computer and artificial intelligence are integrated in the project so that is a systems engineering. There mainly are three contents in the paper, first, the research of real time measurement means in-process; second, the research of forecast and control technique on-line; third, the research of diagnose system of manufacture quality and the engineering experiment of measurement and control on-line. In introduction, quality definition, the quality control technique widely used today and the newly intelligent arithmetic in the paper are summed up. Realization way of measurement and control system on-line is description, which 100% inspection in-process, dealing with manufacture quality information and quality diagnoses system should be included in.It is the basic and chief work that the measurement technology in-process. It can provide examine data collected dynamic to forecast and control on-line. In 2nd chapter, three experimentations in-process are designed and the equipments are developed according to the technology and precision characteristic of an object measured. An inductance appearance with a pole probe, automation feed framework and mode of measurement on-line are designed in the single dimension checking. Plane coordinate system constructed with super length line array CCD and grating, optics movable worktable, dynamic measurement method and precision analysis of measurement are developed in the twain dimension measurement. The accordant and normative model and calibration of structure light sensor, image filter, communication and control mode based on CAN fieldbus are researched in the distribution network style measurement system. And the condition about a key measurement station in the system is deduced.The manufacture quality information can be dug up by advanced forecast and control technique on-line. It is used to track manufacture process and seek future trend. It can afford a way to quality control beforehand also. In 3rd chapter, cause and character of the noise brought on machining locale is analyzed. Noise suppressor with wavelet is designed. Information fusion method with collateral construction is researched in the distribution network style measurement system so that the measurement signal in a noise circumstance can be aimed at. Image character information is dug up with dividing up threshold value. Time sequence construction, forecast modes on dynamic course and BP forecast modes are researched. Especially, a time sequence forecast technique based on genetic arithmetic and NN combined is advanced. One's advantage is used to overcome another's disadvantage, vice versa. Experiment proves its high operation speed in convergence.Manufacture quality diagnoses technology is a direct means to measurement and control on-line. Simple and applied scientific arithmetic improves success rate and efficiency of the diagnoses. In 4th chapter, quality diagnoses system on-line is designed which pretreatment of measurement data, database, module of auto-incoming base, repository and expert diagnoses are included in. Two ways of admixture programming with C++ Builder and Matlab are advanced.Any method of measurement and control on-line should be proved by practice and correcting or improving it is fulfilled continuously so that it is more and more reliable. Last, two measurement and control experiments in-process are designed. A prediction matrix of machining error with 9*11*1 BP networks is worked which precision can reached μm...
Keywords/Search Tags:manufacture quality information, measurement in-process, distribution network, analysis and forecast, GA and NN
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