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Reliability Based Durability Analysis Of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Posted on:2000-03-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J X GongFull Text:PDF
GTID:1102360155453727Subject:Structural engineering
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The durability problem of reinforced concrete structures is of world-wide concern. The safety of reinforced concrete structures depresses severely due to deterioration of the structural performance in the case of deficiency of durability. The design procedures for structures in our country are based on reliability theory, the same as that in many other countries in the world. So it is necessary to study the durability of reinforced concrete structures based on reliability theory. With financial supports of the National Key Projects on Basic and Applied Research and the National Science Foundation of China, a study on reliability-based durability analysis and design procedures for reinforced concrete structures is conducted in this paper. It consists of (1)A time-dependent structural reliability method which is coordinate with the method in current unified standard of structural design is presented. This method is convenient to be used for reliability analysis and assessment of deteriroating structures.(2) A method for analyzing the reliability of reinforced concrete structures severing in atmospheric environment is presented, in which the influence of environmental condition, concrete cover and concrete strength on the reliability of reinforced concrete structures is included.(3) The economical optimization design method for reinforced concrete structures considering the durability is discussed and the relationship between design and maintenance is studied. It is indicated that routine maintenance is a crucial supplemental part of design. A rational design and maintenance strategy should minimize the life-cycle costs, the sum of initial cost, the expected cost resulted from failure of structure and the routine maintenance cost.(4) A method for analyzing the fatigue reliability of reinforced concrete structures severing in aggressive environments is presented, in which the cumulative damage caused by reinforcement corrosion and repeated loading is taken into account.(5) As an illustration, the reliability of reinforced concrete members subjected to uniaxial loads after strengthening is calibrated. It is confirmed that the...
Keywords/Search Tags:reinforced concrete structures, existing structures, deterioration, time-dependent reliability, fatigue reliability, reliability assessment, durability, economical optimization design, maintenance, strengthening
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