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A Study On The Security Of Chinese Military Culture In The Era Of Globalization

Posted on:2013-06-06Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:L B SuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1106330395952658Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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In the era of globalization, manifold thoughts and cultures communicate, converge and confront with each other more and more frequently, rendering the task of maintaining the national culture’s security increasingly difficult and the issue of the military culture’s security sticking out. It is an important and urgent theoretical and practical issue to consolidate the research on the security of China’s military culture in the era of globalization, moderate the confrontation over military cultures and maintain the sovereignty over the military culture, which is conducive to implementing the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the17th Central Committee of the CPC and No.1Document of the Central Military Commission of the CPC,2012, i.e. CMC’s Guide on Vigorously Promoting the Advanced Military Culture, and elevating the soft power in military culture.This doctoral dissertation puts forward an original topic, i.e. the security of China’s military culture and analyzes the topic both microscopically and macroscopically in the background of the era of globalization. The author starts by defining the connotation and nature of the military culture’s security, then makes an in-depth study of the status quo and challenges of China’s military culture security, systematically constructs the strategy of China’s military culture security and finally raises the methods of realizing China’s military culture security in the era of globalization in line with the reality of the national development and the Army’s development.The thesis points out that the key to the security of military culture is to maintain the Army’s core values system, that its nature is to uphold the military culture sovereignty, and that it is characterized by setting up a good image of the Army. The globalization has brought profound influence upon the military culture security, reflected by the fact that the world’s multi-polarization projects the strategic status of military culture security. The economic integration also intensifies the competition for the military culture interests among international powers. The informationalization strengthens the shock upon the traditional military culture. The cultural homogenization expedites the blowout of the military culture security problems. And so forth.The thesis argues that China’s military culture security strategy in the era of globalization should be constructed. The basic goal of China’s military culture security strategy is to maintain the mainstream ideology of the PLA, the fine traditions and the modern military culture’s subjectivity. Its basic principle is to stick to the guidance of Marxism, to stick to the absolute leadership of the CPC, to stick to the foundation tenets of the PLA and stick to the balance between cultural unity and diversification. Its basic outline is to draw the cream of traditional military culture with an eye to development, to evaluate the western military culture accomplishments with a scientific attitude, to construct the advanced military culture system in a new way of thinking and to defend against the external harmful culture’s invasion to secure the position.The thesis also explores the way to realize the strategy of China’s military culture security in the era of globalization. The author pinpoints that top-level design should be strengthened and the awareness of the military culture security should be established and consolidated from the comprehensive situation. The cultivation of the revolutionary soldiers’ core values should be strengthened to carry forward the right orientation of the advanced military culture. The military culture enterprises should be strengthened to defend against the outside cultural invasion. The military propaganda and communications should be improved to build and maintain a good image of the PLA. The military culture security system should be built and improved to set up an effective early warning system of military culture security. The logistic system should be perfected to strengthen the facilities construction and personnel construction relating to the military culture security.
Keywords/Search Tags:globalization, military culture, culture security, countermeasures
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