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A Study On The Leadership Of The Communist Party Of China

Posted on:2017-02-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1106330488455056Subject:Doctrine of the party and party building
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The leader authority of the Communist Party of China(CPC) is an objective cultural phenomenon in politics, which promotes the progress of history and human society. Moreover, the leader authority is a progressive form of authority, and it’s also the Spiritual embodiment of Marx’s political party. The leader authority of the CPC not only reflects the superiority of the socialist system, but also mirrors the fact of China being sound, developing and stable, which will ensure the unity of our whole party and our country and keep up the enthusiasm of all the organizations, groups and individuals in our society. Furthermore, the leader authority of theCPC can make our party and society integrate, encourage and condensate each other in profoundly, guaranteeing the sound development of society.Making an overall survey of the history of the CPC and the process of Chinese political development, the role of leadership and its authority is self-evident whether in the period of revolution, construction or reform. Maintaining leader’s authority is the concrete embodiment of “ to uphold political integrity, keep in mind the bigger picture, follow the CPC as the core of the Chinese leadership, and act consistently with the policies of theCPC Central Committee”. Leader’s authority, applied in our party, can realize its guide; in our country, can improve our party’s ruling ability, and in the society, can make it integrated.This study conducts a research into the leader authority of the CPC by way of some methods, such as Dialectical materialism and historical materialism research method, new system doctrine and the structure and function research method, quantitative and qualitative research method, political science research method and research methods in psychology, management research method, case study method, empirical research method, comparative study of law, literature research method and so on.From the perspective of system, the study reviews some basic contents about authority of Political Theory, optimizing the method of Webb Marx’s three types of authority and Denis Lang’s five types of authority, integrating the new institutional theory into the construction of the authority theory system, and combining the psychological characteristics of the individuals and the group with China’s special history and culture. Using the analytical framework of political party’s politics, the paper makes Four dimensional analysis structure about the leader, the party, the country,and the society by connecting the party, the country and the authority theoretically.From occurrence perspective, the study establishes the formation mechanism of the leader authority of the CPC, applying the analytical method of New institutionalism and Structural functionalism to divide the authority formation mechanism into Leader endogenous authority and Leader external authority. Leader endogenous authority presents itself by way of leader’s positions, thoughts and characteristics, whereas Leader external authority is embodied in historical requirement, political party’s integration and social recognition.From adaptability in tactics perspective, the study elaborate the factors for the leader authority of the CPC in the period of its occurrence, development and consolidation, which consists of endogenous variables and exogenous variables. Endogenous variable is the deep-seated problem of endogenous authority that reflects the coupling of Inner Party Democracy, the structure of vertical and horizontal separation of powers and the rising and falling of party’s elites. The exogenous variables are the deep problems of the external authority,which reflects political style, political action and the political identity.So,the study established the theoretical model of the leader authority of the CPC through the angles of system perspective, adaptability in tactics perspective and occurrence perspective. Through the theoretical model, the study investigated the history and the reality of the leader authority of the CPC, explored and disproved the formation mechanism and influence variables of the leader authority of the CPC, explained the way to form, develop and consolidate the leader authority of the CPC, which altogether established the whole theory of the leader authority of the CPC roughly.The CPC, as the Marx political party, has experienced the periods of revolution, construction and reform. The practice of leaders and the generation, development and consolidation of their authority have also gone through the historical processes of revolution, construction and reform. It is also a process in which revolution breeds leaders, leaders generate authority, authority tends to charisma, charisma forms theory, theory dominate charisma, institution develops theory, finally embedding and perfecting the system. The leader authority of the CPC has its specificity that was rooted in the land of China and had Chinese characteristics, the effect of the political spiritual monument constantly effecting and inspiring later generations.In the new historical period, the CPC should not only pay attention to the advantages and problems of history and culture, but also squarely face the new challenges and requirements in the process that forms, develops and consolidates leader authority. In the process of deepening all-round reform, leaders of the CPC should face the challenges of party’s modernization, cultural diversity, the third wave of democracy in-depth and the coming of the fourth industrial revolution, holding the spirit of innovation and creation to integrate requirements of the times and people’s expectation into their authority.From the perspective of theory and speculation, according to the influencing factors of the authority of the CPC, system should be penetrated in the process of formation, development and consolidation. At the same time, leader’s authority should be strengthened through three angles. For the party, leader group should strengthen the political leadership through improving their ability, perfecting their image, selecting elites and so on. The leader group should integrate the party by means of thought, organization, discipline and politics as well as image and so on. For the country, the party should apply the law, democracy, scientific methods of administration, and corresponding policies to improve the practice of the leadership of the group. For the society, the people oriented authority identification system should be constructed, and the social political ecology should be optimized.
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