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A Study On Contemporary Western Women 's Body

Posted on:2013-08-08Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H M WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1107330467484930Subject:Foreign Marxism
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For thousands of years, in the patriarchal society, through politics, economy, cultural and education, particularly through the philosophical tradition, the ontological estrangement of soul and body not only caused the body to lose, but also makes the body, which had been denied, belittled and discriminated, almost completely projected to the female field. Until1970s, with the gradual fusion of feminism, Neo-Marxism and Postmodernism, western feminism began a new shift. After contemporary feminist took’the research on body’ as the focal point of their theory, there appeared a batch of’corporeal feminists’. Starting from questioning dualism, which separates the body from the mind, and its restricting on women, they try to deconstruct modern subjectivity in their own way in order to return to the monism, which unites body and mind.In this paper, in order to release women and their body from the spirit cage finally, starting from corporeal feminism’s standpoint, the author uses the framework of’why are women oppressed and how to eradicate oppression’ to analyze female body in the meaning of ontology. Specific content includes:Firstly, the author discusses gender differences which are being hotly debated in contemporary feminism:the author tries to encourage the thinking of sexed body through the questioning of gender differences in view of dualism; real gender differences are born in inter-subjectivity rather than the relationship between subject and object; opposing to viewing women with oneness logic, people should focus on others and develop ethics on gender difference. Secondly, on the basis of recognizing gender differences beyond the binary, the author examines the phenomena of alienation of the female body:through analyzing the situation of female body from the perspective of social structure, the author can indicate that the female is the one being oppressed in gender-oriented hierarchy of power; under the patriarchal system and power mechanism, women’s bodies suffer from being objectified, instrumentalized and enslaved. Their lived bodies are reduced to materials. To female bodies, they have to leave away from themselves. When its way of using liberty is limited and their embodied, active practices are hampered, the female bodies become embarrassed body, which can’t transcend the limit of the ideology and power and which is not exactly the same as male desires and representations; Thirdly, concerning the embarrassed bodies of women, the author studies how to liberate women’s bodies:the liberation of women’s body means a free and open embodied communication between self and others; From the perspective of body freedom, the author analyzes the viewpoints of female political emancipation of traditional feminism and the strategies of subversion of identity of postmodern feminism, and uses’ strategic essentialism’ in feminism practices on body liberation. On the basis of this, the author thinks that emancipatory politics of the traditional feminism and life politics of postmodern feminism should be combined so that people can bring marginalized existence and cognition from the edge to the center eventually. Fourthly, the author discusses women’s bodies in post-humankind society:feminist cyborgs:in popular culture a binary view of the body and gender are copied, which reflects the fantasy beyond the flesh; there is positive critical power in the feminist cyborg ontology; by attempting research of the practical route of feminism in the cyber society, the author tries to pursue real body liberation both in cyberspace and in the phical space within a wide range of fields.
Keywords/Search Tags:body, female Body, feminism, unity of body and mind, dualism
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