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A Study On The Policy Support System For The Training Of Teachers In Primary And Middle Schools

Posted on:2017-02-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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With the transition from industrial society to information society, and the great changes of the production mode, human resources rise as the most important strategic resources. In the production of human resources, education has become the core competitiveness of all countries. Many countries have made policies for cultivating high-quality teachers of basic education to advance the education quality and the raise quality of human resources.From Chinese Ministry of education to the local governments, many policies were made to support the development of expert teachers, which were called Expert Teachertraining Project. Although there are many studies about them, many fundamental problems are still hanging in both theory and practice, eg. What are the core elements of the competence structure of expert teachers? What is the effective way to share and transfer the tacit knowledge and practical experience of the expert teachers? Due to the lack of the understanding of the law of the growth of expert teachers, the development of expert teachers is still part of the “black box” state, and the Expert Teachertraining Projects are mostly in the spontaneous state and of certain random fuzzy state. At the same time, there is a certain degree of deviation between the value orientation of Expert Teacher-training Project policies and the law of the growth of expert teachers, and the utilitarian tendency of policies had a detrimental effect on the cultivation of top teachers and excellent teachers.In this study, the growth of expert teachers is as the starting point and destination of the research. The law of the growth of expert teachers is summarized from the theoretical level to analyze the policy of expert teacher training, such as the personality characteristics, the professional knowledge model of expert teachers, and the growth path of expert teachers. The research constructs the static characteristics and dynamic growth path of expert teachers. Teacher’s tacit knowledge and practical knowledge is as the core of the teacher’s professional ability, The research also explores the path of the growth of expert teachers in the perspective of learning community: mentoring and peer assisted learning, practice context, double construction of knowledge and the identity etc. The value orientation of the expert teacher training policy and reflection on the theoretical hypothesis of accelerating and batch production of expert teachers were as two important parts of the research. The law of the expert teacher training policy to realize the goal of self-fulfillment was revealed in the way of “effect of labeling” of the policies.The research was basic on the practical problems of expert teacher training but not limited to the problems themselves. Focus on the cultivation of expert teachers policies and the Expert Teacher-and- headmaster-training Project in Shanghai as the research object, the research analysis the standard of expert teachers、the selection of the expert-teacher-to-be, the training contents etc. The theoretical tools constructed by this research. The law of how the policy support system of expert teachers training promotes the cultivation of expert teachers was explored while the reflection and analysis of the negative effect of policies was carried on.In this paper, it applies such methods as textual analysis, questionnaire survey, depth interview, analysis of cases, comparative study etc. to obtain first-hand information directly. The study details the relevant policies texts on the cultivation of expert teachers, and analysis them with theoretical tools to evaluate the value orientation of the policies and their effects. Questionnaire survey and depth interview were adopted as key means to analysis the practice of the Expert Teacher-andheadmaster-training Project in Shanghai. At the same time, the study lists the advanced experience in expert teacher training policy of the United States, Britain and other countries to provide reference to refine our policies.Based on the above research, three conclusions and suggestions of this research are finally put forward. Firstly, Expert Teacher-and- headmaster-training can be trained, while the Expert Teacher-and- headmaster-training Project can either push or stunt the development of them. Secondly, Expert Teacher-and- headmaster-training in Shanghai combines with the professional expert teacher training and effect of labeling function. Thirdly, the expert teacher training base makes innovations. The training in the expert teacher training base is both a mode of organizational learning and a mode of learning community, and the traditional teacher professional development mode was improved. There are also some suggesitions. Firstly, our most urgent task is to create Chinese standard of expert teachers, and to improve the qualification certificate system of expert teachers, and to make up for blanks of current policy system. Secondly, to improve the evaluation system of the expert teacher development policies. Thirdly, to change the value orientation of our expert teacher and set up the credit bank system for expert teacher training.
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