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A Narrative Study On The Whole Course Construction Of Kindergarten

Posted on:2013-09-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y HuaFull Text:PDF
GTID:1107330488964776Subject:Pre-primary Education
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The theory of whole language was introduced to China in late 1990s. It brought on the conception of integrity and unity in Chinese early language education. However, there is a need of localized study to combine the western theory and Chinese educational practice. The present study described the process of curriculum development in the Chinese context based on the whole language theory. Adopting the approach of narrative research, the researcher narrated and interpreted the experiences of participants during the process of curriculum development in an organized manner. The experiences were organized in the narration with three clues:(1) problems and solutions in curriculum development (2) change of teachers’ conceptions and behaviors, and (3) progressive assessment of children’s literacy behaviors. The topics of narration included:whole language environment, whole language social interaction environment, learner-centered and integrated curriculum development, whole language assessment based teaching practice, and the change of participants’ conceptions and behaviors. The indigenous concepts of the participants emerged during the research process were:"model", "war-like", "conductor", and "security". The participants also presented their personal concepts such as "complex", "response", and "are you sure". All these concepts existed in the educational lives explicitly or implicitly, and had an influence on educational reform. The development process of whole language curriculum is a process of encountering and conflicting between the theory outside and local educational culture, and the subsequent determination and equilibrium. It is also an intrinsic reform occurs within Chinese language educational practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:whole language curriculum, kindergarten, whole language environment, social interaction environment, whole language assessment
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