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Research On The Construction Of Characteristic Curriculum In Ordinary High School

Posted on:2016-02-04Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1107330491952312Subject:School course teaching
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High school featured courses are put forward to meet the need of constructing featured high schools. In 2009, Chen Xiaoya, then vice Minister of the Ministry of Education, pointed out that high school is an important stage to showcase and cultivate students’ personality and abilities at the Sino-US featured high school education seminar, besides that, he also stressed that only featured high schools can adapt to the students’ personality development and pave the way for the development of various gifts. "The National Medium-and-Long-term Plan for Education Reform and Development (2010-2020)" further put much emphasis on supporting the establishment of featured high school curriculums, and encourages high schools to design featured courses under the guidance of the national curriculum programs in accordance to their location and local conditions from multiple perspectives.Featured high school curriculum theory has its unique theoretical basis and practical values. Theoretically, it validates the theory of multiple intelligences, the humanistic educational thought, and reflects constructivism evaluation; practically, it helps to change our high school homogenous tendency and the nature of a life-determining evaluation system, hence facilitating the development of three-grade curriculum system and flexible curriculum implementing designs.This research theoretically defines the characteristics of high school curriculum: From the perspective of curriculum goals, high school featured courses mainly serve as the School Mission and students’ needs and development, based on the local communities and school resources. On this basis, this study analyzes the nature of the high school featured courses and summarizes its characteristics as follows:uniqueness, quality, diversity, selectivity, integrity and creativity. And it further points out that high school featured courses have long-term practice, school-based regionalism and multi-form features. Meanwhile, it further categories high school featured courses into three:featured courses, course features and featured course schemes. Based on the above categories, the study analyzes the core elements of the high school featured courses, that is individualized goals of educating students, integrated course structure, diverse course implementation and evaluation system. The paper interprets the development stages of high school featured courses and forms the pattern of background analysis, vision construction, contents design and evaluation change. In order to provide help for the development of featured courses, this study also analyzes the high school supporting measures referring to the policy support, teachers construction, stadium construction and students’ guidance system. In practice, this study mainly takes three model high schools as an example, illustrating their physical and art featured courses, featured English course and courses with ethnic characteristics, combined with featured courses development experience in South Korea Taejon high schools. It studies the cases of both domestic and overseas high schools and compares the experience and shortage in developing the high school featured courses in hope of finding problems and solving them in practice. The plight and reflection about the high school featured courses leave some space for further study.
Keywords/Search Tags:high school featured courses, theoretical basis, practical values, course development
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