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Research On Tourism Industry And Cultural Industry Intergrative Development From The Perspective Of Culture Image

Posted on:2014-05-02Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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In the context of rapid development and great prosperity of culture industry in China, and based on cultural image, this thesis chooses world cultural heritage site Wudang Mountain as an example and conducts a study on theological and practical issues of the convergence of tourism industry and culture industry.The integrative development of tourism and culture industry is a industry convergence phenomenon that gradually came into being during the development practice of tourism industry at home and abroad during recent years. The convergence of tourism and culture industry produces endlessly new industry forms, such as creative tourism, tourism perform, exhibition, film-induced tourism, creation settlement, museum tourism, theme part, etc, which has been drawing the attention of academic circle at home and aboard. Based on the domestic and overseas literature review of tourism and culture industry integrative development, this thesis finds that the academia focuses mainly on the single industry form or product form resulting from the convergence of tourism and culture industry, while studys on its theoretical basis, inner mechanism, formation path and development pattern are quite rare. There is scarcely any systematic study on the integrative development of both industries. Hence, this thesis, based on cultural image, conducts an all-around systematic study on the theoretical, empirical and practical level of the integrative development of these two industries. The relevant theories that the integrative development of tourism and culture industry involves the concept of culture and its relevant theory, image and sightseeing district image theory, cultural tourism theory, culture industry theory, as well as industry convergence theory. This thesis sorts out the above theories and concepts in detail, which lays solid foundation for further study.That tourism and culture industry can achieve integrative development in industrial level owes to the cultural images in tourism destinations. Through sorting out and summary of the theories on culture and tourist destinations images, and according to the unique industrial and cultural characteristics in tourist destinations, this thesis put forward the concept of tourism destination cultural image (TDCI) which refers to the comprehensive psychological constructs that consists of tourists’ cultural impression, cognition, and emotion toward the tourist destination. The cultural image’s external environment includes natural environment, social environment and tourism environment, while its inner composition involves material culture, behaviour culture, system culture, and mentality culture. The forming process consists of three stages:culture exhibition, culture experience and culture transmission. The function of tourism destination cultural image to the destinations mainly contains three layers:to create culture atmosphere, to disseminate culture image and to build series products.Based on tourist destination cultural image, this thesis further studies the integrative development path of tourism and culture industry. There is incisive inner coupling between tourism industry and culture industry, which determines the inner mechanism of their integrative development. The basis of this development is cultural image and the core is cultural creativity, and on this account, this thesis build the integrative development path model. The aim of this integrative development is to form a regional cultural tourism industry cluster consisting of tourism industry system, culture industry system and other relevant industry systems. The cultural tourism industry cluster plays an important role in regional development, which is reflected in rebuilding regional brand image, forming new regional growth poles, achieving the transformation of regional growth pattern and sustainable development, etc.Founded on above studies and integrative development path model, this thesis chooses Wudang Mountain as the research case and conducts an empirical study on the tourist destination cultural image in Wudang Mountain. The research employes literature research method, textual analysis, questionnaire, mathematical analysis and other research methods to make sure that qualitative research is combined with empirical study and that textual analysis is unified with mathematical analysis. Then through collecting and sorting various historical and contemporary data about Wudang Mountain, this thesis presents a comprehensive description on the natural geography, landscape, cultural heritage, tourism resource classification and the current tourism industry development state. After that, this thesis analyses the blog text, investigating the tourism destination cultural image through the perspective of tourists’real experience. By sample statistics analysis, descriptive statistical analysis, sample experience variation analysis, exploratory factor analysis(EFA), confirmatory factor analysis, and multivariate regression analysis, this thesis conducts quantitative analysis on tourist destination cultural image of Wudang Mountain. Lastly, the thesis summarizes the overall tourist destination cultural image of Wudang Mountain. Its cultural core is the supreme harmony culture which is embodied by the harmony between human and nature, social harmony as well as physical and mental harmony; the tourist destination cultural image in this place is based on the essence "supreme harmony" which derives various material culture, behaviour culture, system culture and mentality culture;relies on natural, social and tourist environment; and consists of martial arts culture, Tai Ji culture, Taoism culture, music culture, eco-culture, architecture culture, medicine culture, health culture, etc.On practical level, this thesis integrates theoretical, empirical and realistic situation and proposes the integrative development path of tourism and cultural industry in Wudang Mountain area. First, the harmonious tourism environment constituted by natural ecosystems, cultural ecosystem and social relation system in Wudang Mountain should be well protected and preserved, which is the foundation and premise for protecting and building Wudang Mountain tourist destination cultural image, as well as for the integrative development of culture and tourism industry in this area. Second, this thesis puts forward some ideas about the construction of regional cultural tourism industry cluster in Wudang Mountain area, this thesis designs a "one area, two forms and three districts" overall spatial arrangement and draws up detailed development ideas and strategies for the tourism industry system, culture industry system and other relative industry systems in this industry cluster. Lastly, this thesis points out that the cluster development of cultural tourism industry in Wudang Mountain area is of great value and significance, for it can embody the core value of Chinese culture, form an important supporting point of Yangtze civilization, build the brand of cultural tourism in Hubei Province, and promote the the transformation of the economic growth pattern in the northwest area of Hubei Province.
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