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Research On The Path Of Fusion Development Of Tourisem Industry And Culture Industry Under Multicultural Background In Yuquan District, Huhhot

Posted on:2014-01-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S H E HaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2269330422461120Subject:Tourism Management
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There exist coupling effect between tourism and culture as for one thing, tourism can notbe developed without culture for another, that developing tourism can boost the spread ofculture. In the wake of historical transfer from sightseeing tourism form to leisure tourismform, culture industry has turned to be the most effective way to reinforce this type of tourismform helping individuals to experience higher quality life. Tourism and cultural industry areclosely related to each other; therefore they both are on the way of interaction and integration.From the perspective of tourism, culture is the essential foundation and the resource oftourism development. And from the perspective of culture, tourism is the important carrier ofculture industry. Both tourism and culture industry have been listed as the national strategies,closely relating to national image and national brands. Suggestions of State Council onaccelerating development of tourism, cultural industry promotion planning, Directive opinionon promoting development of both culture industry and tourism are all typical examples ofnational policy documents. At present, national tourism has been into the phase oftransformation and update. Cultural industry is confronting the historical duty of structuralreform and industrial development. And it has been considered in tourism and cultural fieldthat at this very moment, the integration development of tourism and cultural industry is thebest way to improve and update the industrial structure, extend cultural industry chain,enhance the added value of the cultural tourism products.Yuquan district in Hohhot is the birthplace of Hohhot, is the image carrier of the namesof city of temples, famous city beyond the Great Wall which embody the cultures of temples,Yuan Dynasty and Shanxi merchants. This research took Yuquan district as the object ofstudy and discussed the brand new elements of cultural image in Hohhot and the latestindustrial format of development of tourism. It was conducted with the investigation ofstatus quo of both tourism and cultural industry in this district, from the point of crossinteraction of these two industries, taking the theories of industry interaction as foundation,along with multi-cultural background. Other preparation includes field investigation, depthinterview and literature review; evaluation of status quo of interaction of both tourism andculture industry; study means of technology, market, channel and corporation. Furthermore,relative national policies, innovation, human resource system, as well as industrial guidanceon promoting industry interaction were reinforced. Last but not least, government-oriented,market operation, enterprises as main body, social participation, benefits the masses; sustainable utilization was mentioned as ultimate goal and reference for the interaction oftourism and culture industry in Yuquan district.
Keywords/Search Tags:tourism, culture industry, interaction, Yuquan district in Hohhot, multi-culture
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