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The Research On Agency Chains And Agency Efficiency Of The Government Investment Project

Posted on:2007-01-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X M DuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360212960157Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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The project invested by government is an important instrument of promoting economy and enhancing the people living standard. As China's investment system reforms intensively, the representative construction model as a new management method is widely promoted in order to follow the specialization management. The thesis emphasizes the present situation of the government investment project with the analysis of the factors affecting the agency efficiency at first. The thesis tries to find out: what are agency chains of the government investment project? what kinds of factors will effect the agency efficiency of the government investment project and how ? how to enhance the agency efficiency ?Firstly, the thesis analyzes the present situation of China's government investment project, and expatiates the foundational theories which includes the principal-agent theory, imperfection contract theory, rent seeking theory, collusion theory and promoting consistent theory.Secondly, on the basis of the theory research, introduces two kinds of agency model which are the ownership administration agency model and the ownership market agency model, and compares the agency efficiency of the two agency models. the thesis carries on the agency chain analysis, and analyzes the agents in the agent chains how to effect agency efficiency of the project, and proposes two basic suppositions.Thirdly, the thesis establishes the agency efficiency index system of the government investment project. Guided by the principles of measurability, integrity and feasibility, the thesis divides the index system into two parts, which are the cause indexes and the measurement indexes. According to the index system, we design the questionnaire and collect the sample data in order to demonstrate two suppositions. The thesis makes use of LISREL software and SPSS to process the data, and establishes the Agency Efficiency Confirmation Factor Model (AECFM), and then carries on the description statistical analysis, reliability analysis and the result confirmation analysis. By mixing the methods of the theory research, the empirical analysis and the model deriving, the thesis can get the following conclusions:(1) The agency chains of the government investment project includes the...
Keywords/Search Tags:The Government Investment Project, Agency Chains, Agency Efficiency, Structural Equation Modeling, LISREL Model
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