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Negotiation Of CO Governance: The Effective Realization Form Of Rural Project Governance

Posted on:2016-04-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330464972752Subject:Rural and Regional Development
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After the Third Plenary Session of the eighteen,"governance" has gradually become a hot topic in academic circles, management system and management ability of the modernization is the question of meaning.while the rural governance as a unit management system, along with the three agricultural problems attented, is more vitality and vigor. In recent years, country efforts to support agriculture continue to increase,agricultural policies to benefit the rural countryside project governance is increasingly numerous, which gives the administrative villages embedded in failure and under-village organization challenges. How can we take advantage of the national policy on the joint political resources,then under the interests of the farmers greatly mobilized the enthusiasm to involve in the village’s project governance has become a very significant research topic. Deliberative consultation solves this problem, providing the practical path of good for the village of project governance.In this paper, with the effective governance of drinking safe water project as a case study in Shiqiao village of Hubei province, in the background of rural public product supply market, through the process-event method in detail about the operation of process that the villagers achieve to drinking safe water, dynamically shows how an ordinary villager self-government public works evolved into consultative Government and people shared water disputes. From the governance of this water projects, we can see:Society autonomy to some extent that favors the growth of self-determination power of the villagers, but the political system is still the key variables that influence the way of governance. When villagers face of autonomous crisis, they does not accept government wishful thinking mode of governance, but in consultation with the government to petition the interactive process of gradually forming a consultative co governance model.Based on this, in my opinion, negotiate shared governance model is critical to the success of the safe drinking water engineering. It’s better integration of the villagers’ autonomy and Government coordination of both forces,better overcame the opposition tension between the governance body, maximized citizen’s rational and its role in public governance or the conflict resolution process, found a way to maximize the benefits of compromise solution. Therefore, negotiation cohabitation is effective forms of governance in rural projects. Finally, That a useful form of negotiated rule by the internal mechanism of rural projects could become the blueprint for governance reference were extended discussion, come to a "multi-subject to compromise, interactive cohabitation, new mechanisms to resolve conflicts," the analysis point of view.
Keywords/Search Tags:Consultation cohabitation, project governance, drinking safe water, villagers autonomy, petition
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