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The Research Of Chinese Private Enterprises’ Growth Under The Perspective Of Business Vitality

Posted on:2016-10-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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After thirty years development, Chinese private enterprises have become an important part of our national economy. But short-lived and sudden death phenomenon are still very common in private enterprises, the scholars haven’t formed a unified understanding of the cause of short-lived and sudden death. As the factor analyzed that the constraints of private enterprise survival and development is either still in the qualitative level or only one-sided focus on a moment in time. After the reference to a large number of documents, this paper established a hierarchical organizational structure sphere model and enterprise systems business leaders-slope-sphere model, and then proposed the development of theory-based enterprise vitality of the enterprise, and established the business development state amount and corporate real vitality function index.This article also analyzed the influence factors in different periods of business development, and classified these factors into three big categories and26small categories, and through the analytic hierarchy process has established an enterprise name vitality evaluating formula in different periods. And by industry, state the amount of coefficients and coefficients established the relationship with enterprise name vitality index and real vitality index. Based on the established model and the results of calculation, this paper also analyzed the causes of short-lived and the sudden death of private enterprises, proposed the countermeasures to improve the vitality of our country, to extend the life of the enterprise, to avoid sudden death. Based on the conclusions, business leaders and organizations can prepare and make up its laciness according to the requirement of business leaders and enterprises organizations on different stages. Enterprises can solve the problem from the input by learning the change of the vitality of enterprise, and do rational analysis of development issuesThis paper is divided into eight chapters.At the beginning,the first two chapters are an introduction and related theory and documents, introduced the topic of origin, purpose of the study, methods, innovation of this paper, the technical route;described the enterprise growth theory, self-organization theory, system theory, and the factors that influence enterprise survival and development and the research paper on business vitality. Then is the three new models in this paper that has built in the following third,fourth,fifth chapters.The third chapter is the structure model of enterprises organization. Established the relations between enterprises and environment’s business leader-slope-sphere model and the sphere model of hierarchical structure organization model of enterprises organization. The fourth chapter is the business growth model, introduced the concept of business growth, analyzed the order parameter of business growth, established the relation model of business development amount of state and corporate vitality. The fifth chapter is the vitality assessment of private enterprise, which has introduced the evaluation principles, methods, established the evaluation model of private enterprise’s vitality in different periods,and analyzed the conclusion.Following chapter is the result of analysis and application, and used the data of listed companies in Hubei verified the business growth model at the perspective of the business vitality,used three sample enterprises’data verified the business growth evaluation model. Applied the conclusions of this paper to to the management evaluation of Culture and Education corporation and analyzed the main reason of short-lived and sudden death of private enterprises. Last chapter is the recommendations and strategies of business growth on the perspective of life vitality according to the conclusion of the upward analysis.
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