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Research On Collaborative Relationship Among Multi-stakeholder Of Technological Innovation In Engineering Projcet

Posted on:2017-03-22Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:R X ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1109330503469694Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Engineering project has a profound impact on national economy, society and environment, especially large bridges, urban subway, highways and other mega infrastructure engineering. Considering its the large scale, advanced technology, complicated process, it’s urgent to develop new construction production method to improve constructive effetiveness and quality. To reduce environment pollution, save resource and energy to realize high performance and sustainable purpose. The increasing engineering project scale and complexity and need for multi-aim, it’s new challenge for technology of engineering project.Engineering projects are technically innovation-integrated and involve different technology apply and innovation from each stakeholder. Collaboration is the defining feature and basic demand of engineering technology innovation management. Collaboration innovation is a new large mode of innovation organization. It can enhance deep collaboration and resource integration between stakeholder in innovation process by directing and mechanism arrangement. Different systems are added up in this process which is a network innovation mode with multi-stakeholder’ collaboration and interaction. Technology innovation of engineering projects is highly technology-integrated and multi-stakeholder involved. Multi-stakeholder collaboration promotes the development of engineering project technology innovation and also makes project more efficient, energy saving, environmental friendly. It is of great significance to the engineering projects, especially major infrastructure or other complex projects.Based on theory like Synergetic and Social Network, this dissertation explored the multi-stakeholder collaborative relationship of engineering project technology innovation from two perspectives: the formation mechanism of the multi-stakeholder collaborative relationship of engineering project technology innovation, the static link and dynamic interaction of innovation stakeholder.This dissertation analyzes network characteristics of engineering project technology innovation multi-stakeholder system. The complexity of innovation stakeholder and their relationship is analyzed by complex product system theory. In the view of Synergetic theory, the condition and process of collaboration effect of innovation stakeholder are also analyzed through logical relationship among relationship, interaction and collaboration. Based on logistic growth model, the model of collaboration evolution amang innovation stakeholder is built to certify the function process of the collaborative effects which are created by the collaborative relationship of innovation stakeholder. By BA network formulation Algorithm, another model used to reveal formulating and evolving mechanism in engineering project technology collaboration innovation is built.The social network analysis is adopted to identify components of engineering project technology innovation stakeholder’ collaboration netwrok. Then, the engineering project technology innovation stakeholder’ collaboration network model is built, index system of network measure is built from three perspectives: network structure network location and network ability. The static coupling mode is measured between innovation stakeholder. Network characteristic is analyzed by specific examples from global network structure, function of solo node and coupling method between stakeholder. Data are collected from depth interview and questionnaire survey.The definition of engineering project technology innovation coupling effect is proposed learning from network coupling effect theory. By analyzing stakeholder contact in technology innovation process of engineering project, the complex and dynamic interaction mode in decision process, the coupling effect formulation process is abstracted as interaction process between innovation stakeholder. Combined with watts network coupling model, innovation coupling effect model based stakeholder interaction is built. By numerical simulation method, the effect on innovation collaboration coupling effect from organization network structure and character of the initial adopter is analyzed. The key factors which have impacts on innovation stakeholder’ collaboration during the interation of stakeholder are discussed.Based on theory analysis, building collaboration network model of the example project. The relationship of innovation stakeholder’ collaboration is analyzed; the critical organization node in innovation process is identified. By visualizing coupling path of collaboration effect in example project, the collaboration innovation coupling model is verified and management strategy on improving engineering project technology innovation stakeholder’ collaboration ability is provided.This paper analysis collaborative relationship among multi-stakeholder of technological innovation on engineering projcet from network perspectives. It is a new Paradigm for engineering project technology innovation research. Based on social network analysis, the coupling relationship network model of engineering project technology innovation stakeholder’ collaboration is built. The network measure and analysis enrich the quantitative measurement research on stakeholder’ relationship between engineering project technology innovation stakeholder’ collaboration process. The engineering project technology innovation stakeholder’ collaboration coupling effect model expands the research on complex interaction among innovation stakeholder in engineering project technology. This research is beneficial to understand mechanism of relationship among innovation stakeholder in engineering project deeply. This research also provides theoretical basis and practical reference for improving effects of innovation stakeholder’ collaboration of engineering project technology.
Keywords/Search Tags:engineering project, technology innovation, innovation stakeholder, collaborative relationship, social network
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