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The Research On The Government Procurement Policy To Promote The Development Of Small And Medium-sized Enterprises

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China’s government procurement system start in 1995 as the method of institution experiment and been adopted in whole of the country since 2000. In the process of China’s economic system reform, the government procurement market developed rapidly.The formal implementation of The Government Procurement Law of The People’s Republic of China marked China’s government procurement system formally established in 2003, and has been playing an important role in the aspect of regulating the government procurement behavior in past twelve years.Government procurement in China has made considerable development since the implementation of the Government Procurement Law in 2003, the scale and influence of Government procurement grows, the legal construction of government procurement has made significant progress, the procedure has standardized, the quality and efficiency of procurement are continuously improved. More importantly, the government procurement policy functions continue to expand and the ability of macro-control of the government procurement gradually enhanced.With the rapid development of China’s government procurement system, its function of macroeconomic regulation and control began to be taken seriously as the public policy by the academia researchers. The function of the government procurement system is not only improved the efficiency and effectiveness of fiscal funds but also undertake a series of public policy function. The government procurement law has been set up the principle of "to improve the efficiency in using fiscal fund" as the basic value target, and meanwhile, the formulation of government procurement also has set three policy objectives, including helpful to realize the "Protect environment”, “support the underdeveloped areas and ethnic minority areas” and “promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises”.To promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs) is an important policy target in the Chinese government procurement system. But for now, the policy system of government procurement promoting SMEs development has not yet formed standardization and systematic, because of this reason, how to promote the development of SMEs is a topic of widespread concern in academia. For supporting SMEs, governmentprocurement is an effective and direct tool. Government procurement is an important part of national fiscal public policy and expenditure management, and also one is of the useful tolls which governments use to implement macro-control.As the cause of the continuous development of government procurement, government procurement policy function of promoting the development of SMEs will have more solid foundation and is promising. China has begun to pay attention to the support of the development of SMEs. China’s Government Procurement Law of Article 9 stated clearly that the government procurement should contribute to the development of SMEs. Other policies and regulations concerning government procurement also make the same provisions of principle in supporting the development of SMEs. On December 31,2011,the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry jointly issued the Interim Measures for the Government Procurement to Promote THE SMEs Development. But we should also see the policy system government procurement to promote the development of SMEs is not enough detailed. SMEs will still meet a lot of difficulties in participating in the government procurement.This paper will take the government procurement as a unique perspective to explore the problem of supporting SMEs, to find the status and problems that exist in the process of government procurement to SMEs along ideas from theory to practice, put forward a number of policy measures and targeted on the basis of foreign experience. The theoretical value of this paper is tried to establish a policy system to promote the SMEs with Chinese characteristics reasonably and actionably.There are seven chapters in this paper, from the content and the structure can be divided into four parts.The first part is the theory preparation part, consisting of the chapter 1 and the chapter2.In this part, the paper first introduced the theoretical value and the practical significance of the research on Chinese government procurement policy of to promote the development of SMEs in this paper.In Chinese market-oriented economy, SMEs are an integral part in the economy. Around the world, whether it is investigated from the history of the development of the Western capitalist countries, or from the experience of the rapid growth of emerging market economies,SMEs obviously plays an important role in promoting a country’s economic growth. In general, SMEs are small-scale with flexible production and management mode, and there is avery large number of the SME group. Based on these characteristics of SMEs, they make great contribution in creating jobs, maintaining social stability, promoting technological innovation and promoting market competition and efficiency. Some excellent SMEs can seize the market opportunity, actively explore their innovative ability and ultimately develop into the leading enterprises in the industry. Because of this, countries attach great importance to the development of SMEs.But in the countries, including China, due to certain historical, political, economic, and social environment factors, the development of SMEs encountered some common problems,such as lack of liquidity, financing difficulties, narrow access to information, talent shortage and irrational tax structure. Especially in recent years, because of the international financial crisis and the impact of domestic macroeconomic policies, more and more SMEs in China fell into the development dilemma, or even bankruptcy. If these problems are not properly resolved, it will stifle the prospects for the development of SMEs, thereby affecting the growth rate of China’s economics, and even affect the overall development of the national economy. Therefore promoting the development of SMEs has extremely important strategic significance in maintaining our economic stability, social stability, and building a harmonious and well-off society.secondly,This paper reviewed the articles of scholars from domestic and foreign policy research about theory of government procurement to promote SMEs development. We can find a phenomenon that Government procurement policy function research has become a great problem been focused on by the multidisciplinary field, especially by the economic, legal, and public management and has carried out many beneficial research work from the perspective of different disciplines. The breadth and depth of research on government procurement was driven by a large number of theoretical researches on the public policy function of government procurement, including promoting the development of SMES.Thirdly, the paper clarifies the concept definition of the connotation and extension related about this dissertation, which include “small and medium-sized enterprise”, “government procurement” and “enterprise development”. Next, the paper uses the market failure theory and government intervention theory analyzes the intrinsic principle of government procurement to promoting the development of SMEs, and use the policy tool theory analyzes the mechanism of action of government procurement how to promote the development ofSMEs.The second part of this paper is part of the present study, consisting of the chapter 3,chapter 4 and chapter 5.In this part, the paper mainly adopts content analysis to quantitative analysis the current situation of government procurement policy system of promote the development of SMEs in China, the object of analysis is try to find subject characteristics of government procurement policy and it trend of development were analyzed by transplanting the method of the public policy subject from the central and local levels of government procurement law and policy text.the major characteristic of the paper analysis is the adoption of rationalist views and methods in the observation, analysis and solution of various problems.Chapter 3 analyzed and evaluate the type structure of government procurement policies of promote the development of SMEs in China. The concrete studied ideas are:(1) collect the existing policy text of government procurement to promote the development of SMEs in China to determine the scope of the study sample;(2) from different angles to establish the kinds of policy of government procurement to promote the development of SMEs from various characteristics evaluation index, and evaluate the status of policy;(3) use the theory of public policy types to establish policy type and structure model of the policy of our country government procurement to promote SMEs.In Chapter 4, the paper analyzed and evaluated the policy type structure has been carried on in the current policy system of government procurement to promote SMEs in China. The paper mainly adopts The Lowi’s classical theory of policy type model to analysis the type of government procurement policy system of promote the development of SMEs in China, This paper chooses the strength degree of coercive power of the policy execution as the main distinguishing factor of government procurement policy types. The paper divided China’s government procurement policy into four categories, which include regulation policy distributive policy, incentive policy and environmental policy, and analyzes the characteristics and defects of each policy.The chapter 5 is the status of the participation of SMEs in government procurement. This chapter analyzed the current situation of China’s SMEs in participate the government procurement. The purpose of this chapter is to try to figure out the problem and the crux of theSMEs participating in the government procurement and to provide a basis for the proposed below.The third part of this paper is the experience and enlightenment of foreign policy of government procurement to promote the development of SMEs, consisting of chapter 6.This chapter attempts to use comparative methods in economics research, analyze the policy systems of developed countries in government procurement and to provide a reference for our country. This chapter analyzed the experiences of The United States, Britain, South Korea and The European Union on policy procurement promoting SMEs.The fourth part is the suggestions, consisting of chapter 7.The chapter 7 is the policy Proposal of government procurement in supporting SME development. This paper put forward suggestions to complete measures of government procurement in our country. This paper thinks that the use of government procurement in supporting the development of SMEs must go with clear guidelines and principles including establishing a sound legal countermeasures, based on legal system of government guaranteeing the SMEs can get a fair treatment in government procurements a unified electronic government refine relevant government support system and procurement platform to share information, improve supplier relief system.First of all, we should deepen the recognition of the importance of government procurement policy functions, and promote the producing of government procurement policy functions actively; secondly, we should complete the policy measures of government procurement in promoting development of SMEs; thirdly, we should establish a scientific and reasonable management system which can promote the government procurement policy functions play a better role; fourthly, we should establish a better supervision system to promote the government procurement policy functions play a better role;finally, in addition to building government procurement policy system for SMEs, other supporting policies for SMEs need to be taken. Under the coordination mechanism of the government procurement l policy system and the related supplementary policies, they will produce joins effect, and jointly promote the development of SMEs in China.This paper tries to research how to promote the development of SMEs from a newperspective of government procurement policies’ support of SMEs in China, at the same time,we put forward viewpoint of how to adjust standard definition of SMEs, and then analyze the promotion role of government procurement policies for SMEs. Based on the foreign advanced experience, and combining with China’s specific national conditions, the paper have proposed suggestions about how to construct and perfect the government procurement policy system to support SMEs. This provides a theoretical guide for consummating the existing government procurement policy system for SMEs, which makes these suggestion have a practical value when they are referred to.
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