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A Research On The Problems Of Government Procurement Policy On Supporting SMEs' Deverlopment

Posted on:2012-01-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C Y CaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2219330371950432Subject:Rural areas and development
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With the deepening of market economic reform, SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise) in China have been growing, which play a more and more important role in promoting economic growth, expanding employment and promoting technological innovation. At the same time, China's government procurement is also developing rapidly, and the scale of purchases rises from 3.1 billion Yuan in 1998 to 842.2 billion Yuan in 2010. However, because of the weak overall strength and a lack of sound government procurement policy, SMEs are often at a disadvantage in winning government procurement contracts in competition with large enterprises. So the supports from government procurement policy are urgently needed, which are feasible and necessary no matter on the theoretically view, or the economic rationality, the international practice and to achievement public policy objectives of government procurement。At present, China has introduced the "Government Procurement Law of People's Republic of China", " Law of People's Republic of China on Promotion of SMEs," both referring to basic principles on government procurement policy on supporting SMEs" development. In actual fact, there are still many problems like a lack of supporting measures, the existing policy system restrictions, the procurement regulatory and the legal risks that the operations departments to support SMEs have to face, and a lack of understanding of government procurers. These problems also appeared in America, the advanced country in government procurement system. On the basis of the successful experiences of U.S government procurement policy on supporting the development of SMEs, our government should take a series of measures like changing way of thinking, paying more attention to the survival and development of SMEs, establishing and perfecting system of laws and regulations, improving the government procurement procedures and techniques on supporting SMEs, and improving their own internal environment so as to build a perfect government procurement supporting system in order to promote the rapid and healthy development of SMEs and to strongly support our national economy to develop faster and better.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government procurement, Small and medium-sized enterprises, Policy, Support
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