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A Comparative Study Of The Dynamic Mechanisms And Paths Of Transformation And Upgrading Of Industry Clusters In China’s Advanced Coastal Regions

Posted on:2017-04-24Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:1109330503980552Subject:Applied Economics, International Trade Studies
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Industry cluster has a typical interdisciplinary nature of research. Industrial economics, economic geography,management, economic sociology and many other disciplines expand research from their own point of view, by using relevant theories and methods.Endowment and social elements are characterized by a two-dimensional perspective.China’s advanced coastal industrial clusters are classified into four different types, such as endogenous traditions, exogenous traditions, endogenous high-tech, exogenous high-tech.Papers establish endowment, social factors and industrial clusters to upgrade analytical framework of three interactions,where the foundation and endowment structure is a necessary condition for transformation and upgrading.The social elements of "embedded" suitability is an important factor, which affecting transformation and upgrading.The endowment structure will quickly make adaptations for changing economic environment.However, changes in social property has a certain time lag,asymptotic behavior and long term. If social endowment properties lag behind changes in the theoretical assumptions, the paper believe they should choose to upgrade their suitability path in different clusters or in different stages.In different clusters and their respective stages of development, human capital should choose different types. In order to promote innovation and the openness of entrepreneur’s human capital, it should abandon the need to upgrade the viscous too strongly social capital of specialized human capital "shield". If it were in immature financial system, social capital can play a role in substituting for soft infrastructure(such as legal and credit system) part. However, the impact of social capital has a dual nature, when the development of industrial clusters rely on innovation-driven to achieve the transformation and upgrading in the stage, it needs diversified financialstructure, such as supply chain finance and Internet banking and other financial new formats, to support transformation and upgrading of industrial clusters. "Relationship" based on the embedding process and "contract" as the core of the institutional environment will create synergies and promote enterprise technological innovation.Social networks and trading mechanisms personification play a positive role, when they are closed in the early development and growth of industrial clusters(primary stage). However, for the transformation and upgrading of industrial clusters or advanced cluster, the open, impersonal, networks and global governance mechanisms will become essential. Along with globalization and information revolution, support and shape of social capital will change, interpersonal trust into institutional trust, relational social capital into system social capital, closed or semi-closed society networks can extend an open virtual network(Internet) to meet requirements of the development of new industries, and help to achieve the transformation and upgrading of industrial clusters.Endogenous industrial clusters lag due to social changes in capital and gradual, should upgrade its path selection based on localization of modified. Exogenous industry cluster needs industrial transfer and artificial replication industry communities,crack " karmic " special social relations, to achieve the transformation and upgrading. Traditional industrial clusters can take advantage of the globalization of high-end elements of "embedded" transformation and upgrading. High-tech industry cluster requires an open, collaborative atmosphere and localization of innovation, to take "radical" way to achieve the transformation and upgrading. "Internet +" traditional industrial cluster is a fusion of old and new formats, upgrading and improvement process.
Keywords/Search Tags:industry cluster, human capital, financial development, technological innovation, social network
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