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Discourse Markers. Oral Communication

Posted on:2006-12-24Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1115360155959596Subject:Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
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Discourse marker (DM) is a pragmatic device peculiar to oral communication act, researching on it can help us to reveal the people's cognitive psychology trace concealed in the brain "black box", more scientifically explain the discourse generating and interpreting, further probe and master the law of the development of language, and more successfully use language to communicate. After investigating a large quality of Chinese utterance materials, proceeding from the communication process, this paper strive to construct a systematic theory frame on the Chinese DMs, and try to apply the theory in the analysis on the DMs.On the basis of combing out the past research on DMs, connected with the Chinese materials, this paper developed the existing theory of DMs. Our work isembodied as followed: According to the DMs' properties-the dependence on theoral communication, procedure meaning, mata-pragmatic function and detachable from syntact, we redefine the scope of DMs. Proceeding from the property and the aim of the oral communication act, we make clear about the cause of DMs' existence and the condition of their forming. In our opinion, the confliction of the property and the aim of oral communication act is the cause of DMs' existence, and their high frequency in the oral communication act provides DMs' grammaticalization the condition of frequency. Combining the theory of mete-pragmatic consciousness to the Halliday's language metafunction theory, we make a systematic exposition on theDMs' meta-pragmatic function-the function of discourse organization, contextadaptability and interpersonal interaction, our opposition enhance the power of the explanation to the discourse generating and interpreting. Proceeding from the Chinese students and foreign students' using second language to communicate, we investigate their acquisition process for DMs, analysis the reasons of misusing DMs. In our opinion, the motherlanguage's negative-migrating and the interpretive rule's excessive broadening is the reasons of misusing DMs. Thus from the other aspect seek to prove the DMs' meta-pragmatic functions, as the same time trying to enrich and develop the second language acquisition theory. According to the theory of DMs', we investigateand analysis some typical Chinese DMs-"zhege"& "nage", "bushi", "nizhidao",reveal the Chinese DMs' special properties and general laws, thus make the reality and the theory, the describing and explaining combined more closely.
Keywords/Search Tags:discourse markers (DMs), Chinese, communication act, meta-pragmatic function, procedure meaning, coherence, adaptability, interact
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