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The Study On Canonical Form Of Doucumentary "the Brilliant Cast Of Scientific Development"

Posted on:2014-07-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2285330431456073Subject:Journalism and Communication
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Science documentary is the purpose of the documentary is divided by the spread of a typical type, which uses a documentary of the vector for the dissemination of scientific method and scientific spirit, and encouraged to follow the laws of scientific development to guide the whole society to respect science and good atmosphere.Produced by CCTV-length documentary "scientific development brilliant cast " Scientific Development Concept is a concept of propaganda, take the lead and harmonious social development and sustainable development of big science works The large-scale works of popular science documentary called classic, grand themes rich content, picture shocking, history and strong sense of depth. Communication from the perspective of science and technology to examine its spread can be seen in the production of such large-scale science CCTV documentary is to follow the established pattern, this pattern is the paradigm of the analytical studiesCCTV as the national media, assumed the responsibility and mission of the national media," the brilliant cast of scientific development," the subject of the spread. On the set of content, closely around the theme of scientific development concept, formed from the theoretical, economic, political, cultural, livelihood, military, party building and other settings for content and presentation. Integrated use of new media and traditional media for collaborative communication, and audiences benign interaction. Final environmental awareness, values formation and maintenance of social behavior demonstrates three levels to achieve the desired dissemination of results. In the communication process, propagation mechanism paradigm manifested features are:first, to grasp the best time to spread; secondly, to build smooth transmission mechanisms; Third, the dissemination of content to use the story of narrative methods."Scientific Development brilliant cast " symbol on the screen and sound symbol for a detailed integration. Symbol on the screen, showing such features:real film set around the screen on the epic, true to the history of literature use, three-dimensional animation to show the history of the main conceptual figurative expression, image capture detail touching. The use of symbols in the sound performance:commentary complement the picture; sound language heighten the atmosphere; musical language paintings dotting. Symbol creation, dissemination symbol paradigm manifested features are:First, both sound and picture, audio-visual unity; Secondly, based on the perspective of civilians spread symbol creation; third, innovative forms of spread symbols, more interesting and ornamental.Although the " scientific development brilliant cast " made good dissemination of results, but the current Chinese market is still facing a science documentary production to keep up with market demand dilemma, from the " brilliant cast of scientific development," the successful operation, we can see that in the production of science documentaries, the first integration of the scientific spirit, focus on scientific issues, the audience accepted scientific ideas and scientific spirit nurtured in science and interesting combination of science documentary; Secondly, science documentaries focusing on the combination of human spirit let science documentaries are no longer superior, but really into people’s daily lives; Finally, science documentaries on the production and dissemination should closely follow the trend of the times, the use of new technologies, develop new media.
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