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The Study On Progress In The Development Of Society

Posted on:2011-10-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J LaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155330338490977Subject:Marxism in China
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In contemporary China, development for building a moderately prosperous society and accelerating the socialist modernization is of decisive significance. The main problems in the current development are: the blind pursuit of economic growth still exit in some areas; social, political, and cultural development are not balanced; ecological destruction and environmental pollution is still serious; uneven distribution of public resources, there exits large regional differences.To change the development mode fundamentally, we must understand the ideological, theoretical study of social evolution development, through the perspective of ancient and modern history of the development of the advantages and disadvantages of development thinking, deep reflection current issues, to understand and implement the scientific concept of development better, in order to achieve sound and rapid development of the current.Social development view is that people on social development of the fundamental ideas and views about human society, especially the nature of contemporary human, social development issues and the development law and other general theoretical system for people to understand the theoretical basis and practice of development. So far, development of human society are in a certain view of social development under the guidance .Whether in the west or China, from ancient to modern times, human society has moved forward, as the guiding concept of social development is progressive. From the perspective of historical development and studying the evolution of social development allows us to see the trend of human society clearly and objectively, abandon the outdated concept, establish and implement the scientific concept of development, as little as possible in the present and even future go detours to build a harmonious society through overall development of human society.Social development is a historical process, the concept of social development should also be studied according to their evolution, which reflects the persistence of Marxist theory and development. In this paper, the historical development of social cues by different peoples and different times of the development concept are summarized.Summarize a variety of development experiences and lessons on the scientific concept of development resources to dig deep thinking, making us even more firmly and conscientiously implement the scientific concept of development and social development of the Marxist view of the latest results.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social development, Scientific concept of development, Development, Gradual progress, Evolution
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