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A Study On Model Technologies And Its Application Of Regional Water Resources Assessment

Posted on:2002-05-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360032455827Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Water resources must be assessed firstly, if human regards the water as resources of development and utilization. Using the simulation method and system theory, this thesis mainly is to study the model technologies of regional water resources assessment in mountain area and plain area, which provides the basis and technological support on reasonably analysis and calculating amount of regional water resources.In terms of regional water resources assessment in plain area, using simulation technology, plain area groundwater resources model and surface water our water?interaction model are built in this paper. The hydrological conceptual model of hydrology has been coupled with groundwater dynamic model of hydrogeology. This thesis is to established surface water ?ground water integration assessment model in plain area. The concluded forms and integrated calculated process have been described in the assessment model. This paper firstly brings forward and establishes two element integrated model, which further develop model technology of regional water resources assessment, and is creative and particular of thesis.In terms of water resources evaluation technologies in mountain area, this paper uses BP calculation method of neural networks on regulation computation. Entirely using available samples and through self training and studying of BP networks, the best regulating parameter is calculated. The optimized and complicated results of non-linear mappings are realized between precipitation and runoff.AnYang city water resources assessment management system has been built based GIS in the paper. In this system absolute spatial reference frame is visual, which can show the assessment founding definitely.In a word, using modern water resources hydrology and advanced technological methods, a set of model technologies of reasonable water resources assessment are to be studied in this paper, and which evaluated AnYang water resources. Good results are got in the paper, which provides scientific basis on reasonably developing and implementing AnYang water resources.
Keywords/Search Tags:Water Resources Assessment, Mathematic Simulation Model, Neural Networks, Surface Water-Ground Water Integrated Models, Geographic Information System
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