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Study On The Urban Distribution In Ecological Economic Region

Posted on:2002-03-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360032457175Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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The study is focused on the urban distribution in ecological economic region.City is the area in which population is the densest, human beings' activities are the most violent and mankind's influences are the deepest City is the important cany of the social development and human economy, is the crystallization of die human civilization.Theoretically, the research object of ecological economics is the economic system of die ecology. It studies economic growth and input between the ecological environment-the output and balanced relation. The city as "increasing cores" of regional economic development, and focal point of the system of regional economy; Besides, die city is that a human activity is die strongest to influencing the most violent area naturally. It is a core of the human ecosystem too. Therefore, to study the ecology economic knowledge question is important task of ecological economics. However, mere have been a k>t of different aspects in researching the problem of the ecology economic. This paper discusses the city layout, urban system and relatioOn between the ecological environment to discourse of ecology economic zoning and urban system while planning relationship, from the angle of the area development, make area economic development can suitable for the whole request of the ecological economic zone. Improve the development efficiency of urban economy further. Wot only make die "core" of regional economy but also become die human activity and material rational necessary "pivot" of energy exchange between the natural environment, and make die city become die double core of social economic development and ecological environmental conservation.The position and function of city is beyond doubt in regional economic development of city is unsuspected, die development level often represents synthesized economic strength and social civilization degree of a country or area. Chen Huai, Development Research Center Of The State Council, institute for economic research of the market vice-director said :"western development lags behind, die key lies in lacking the element of driving the economic growth. The eastern and western regions develop disparity to widen constantly."The western area is in a great deal of respects, such as urban quantity, the urban size of population, urban economy level, etc. Relatively there is very obvious disparity with the eastern area, just because of this, in during the State's Tenth Five-Year plan period, provinces cities areas in West Area were given energetically development urban economy conduct develop economic main strategic measure, such as Chongqing puts forward "die development strategy of the big city bring the large countryside." And divide the -whole city into the economic zone Chendu and Chongqing economic zone and ecological Three Gorges ecological economic zones. Plan and the rational overall arrangement through the science of the urban system, realize the development strategy with city bring the countryside.Chongqing is the youngest, the most special municipality directly under the central government in our country. It is that the area of our country is the largest, most populous, an plentiful agricultural population definitely, proportion is the largest and municipality directly under the central government largest in poor area. With the difference of other megalopolises, it not only has special extensive key cities but also include the countryside area that has a vast territory., there are large stretch of poor areas. So it is not merely undertaking to develop the tasks of the city and economy even more. The situation of implementing "development strategy with in the big city" after being directly under the jurisdiction of Chongqing is seen the problem of socio-economic development Essence of the question seems lie in key city fast development, lie in and develop well around city of Chongqing small and medium-sized cities as much as a series of megalopolis. As a result, the function of key city of Chongqing is unable through transmitting the...
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