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Study On Labor Metrology Theories,Methods And Models For Engineering Design

Posted on:2002-06-14Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:G LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360032457390Subject:Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
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Although human labor is various, but there are only two types of different information in essence in various labor processes, the first is labor quality, which includes labor complex levels, heavy levels and labor intensities, the second is labor load. Labor metrology means to measure and calculate labor load in the same conditions of labor quality by applying a variety of measuring scales and methods. The measurement and calculation of labor load in scientific, accurate and effective methods provide the essential conditions for finding the origin of economic quantities, for example, value, prices, output value and internets in macroeconomic fields, and are the theoretical foundation of the determination of labor load, the personal income distributions and rewards and punishments of various economic organizations in microeconomic fields.The dissertation is written after the project (No.96J55013) ?"Study on Labor Metrology Theories, Methods and Applications of Engineering and Technological Personnel in Aeronautical Industry Enterprises" 梚s finished, which is supported by Aeronautical Science Fund. In the dissertation, the labor metrology theories, methods, models and system for engineering design are studied systematically and completely.With respect to the metrology theories researches, a engineering design process and the characteristics of its three main factors are analyzed, and a engineering design process is decomposed into a functional and a non-functional structure design process based on the work transferable model of a engineering design process, and the labor metrology theory for engineering design is presented by applying tree chart principles, artificial neural network technologies, fuzzy set theories and knowledge engineering theories, and by merging various subjects and theories, and by using comprehensive analytic methods.In respect to the metrology methods and models researches, functional and nonfunctional structure design labor metrology methods are separately studied, and some labor metrology models are established by using these methods. 〧unctional structure design labor metrology methods based on key factors: A functional structure design process is decomposed into work steps and operations according to the elemental compositions of a functional structure design process and design system general models in the method, and the characteristics of these work steps and operations are analyzed and studied in order to find the key influencing factors of labor load, then labor metrology methods and models of a functional structure design process are constructed by using ANN(Artificial Neural Network)technologies and BP algorithm, and an applying example of the method is provided. ㎞on-functional structure design labor metrology methods and models based on knowledge processing: The methods areestablished based on knowledge processing characteristics of a functional structure design process. In the methods, KE(Knowledge Engineering) principles are used to establish a knowledge representation structural model for a type engineering design objects, and a ANN is used to simulate a functional structure design process, and fuzzy logic is applied to establish the knowledge processing mechanisms on the basis of combination artificial neural networks with fuzzy logic, the labor metrology methods and models of a functional structure design process based on knowledge processing are given, and an example analysis is made. (D Non-functional structure design labor metrology methods and models: AHP principles are introduced, the influencing factors and characteristics evaluation of the operations are studied by constructing a hierarchy structure of the process, the non-functional structure design labor metrology methods and models are determined, and an example analysis is finished.A labor metrology system for engineering design is studied, and the components of the system are given, including the structures and data flow diagrams of the system and its subsystem.
Keywords/Search Tags:engineering design, design labor, labor metrology, mental labor, manual labor, industrial engineering, human resources management
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