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Study On Agriculture Resource' Modernized Management And Sustainable Use

Posted on:2002-03-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:S J JiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360032950712Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Agriculture resource is the base of human抯 existence, being clear-headed on our agriculture resource?actuality, really solving all kinds of problems existing in agriculture resource?management and utilization is our strategic choice for agriculture developmentOur current agriculture belongs to the agriculture type of resource?high consumption but low efficiency, precious agriculture resource such as land, water and so on wastes very seriously and endangers agriculture sustainable development because of the imperfect management and utilization. So the study of exploiting agriculture resource management technique system and resource?sustainable use countermeasures taking high efficiency use as the aim has great signification. In the range of a farm agriculture resource management?main information element includes all the land, natural precipitation, surface water, ground water, illumination, temperature, forest, grassland, capital, labor, chemical fertilizer etc. Agriculture resource management involves the department, from the longitudinal aspect including peasants, company and farm, from the horizontal aspect including production faculty, weather station, land bureau, irrigation works faculty. From the aspect of management abundant management information scatters in different department, the resource data抯 obtainment, storage and decision-making is still in the phase of traditional handwork management, being short of effective resource synthetic management and modernized management measures. Agricultural resource?sustainable use is our rational choice basing on reality and future development, Chinese agriculture resource?quantity抯 reduction and quality depravation has already become the urgent problem need solving. Our food supplies?pressure will exist for a rather long period, every year the cultivated land reduces at the rate of millions mu, water resource?serious shortage and pollution has become the economy development抯 choke point Cultivated land crisis, water crisis, petroleum crisis and other resource crisis are severely eroding the natural substance foundation depending on which agricultural sustainable development could be achieved. In the face of these crises there is only one method to solve it that is to go the way of resource?sustainable use.Chuangye farm is a middle-size agriculture enterprise with plenty of resource, the study develops the farm抯 agriculture resource?synthetic management information system (MIS) wielding modem database management technology. It includes 9 sub-systems, they are climate resource, land resource, water resource, soil nutrient resource, wild animal and plant resource, agriculture engine, cropland irrigation works, economy condition and population resource. The study accomplishes the design of all levels?interface and the exploit of functional module and realizes the conversion of agriculture resource management from the past decentralization and underdevelopment to centralization and modernization. It supplies scientific foundation for mastering agriculture resource status in time, promoting resource抯 reasonable configuration and realizing resource sustainable use.The study entirely open out the farm抯 water resource and cultivated land resource utilization抯 main problems in allusion to the profound analysis of the farm抯 water resource and cultivated land resource?actuality It establishes the evaluation index system and model of water resource and cultivated land resource?sustainable use. Through the sustainable use evaluation the study finds out the sticking point influencing resource sustainable use and brings forward the corresponding countermeasures in according to the farm抯 actuality. It discovers a practicable way for farm抯 long-term development, realizing agriculture?increasing production and increasing income, saving cost and increasing effect, preserving and resuming the favorable environment and achieving the strategic target of enriching peasants and strengthening the farm.The above-mentioned achievements not...
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