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Study On Sustainable Utilization Of Agriculture Resource

Posted on:2003-06-22Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360065962175Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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In this dissertation, the author explores the theory of sustainable utilization of agricultural recourses, based on agricultural resource capacity studies, and further discusses the theory and its practice as follow:Agricultural resource capacity is the footstone of the theory of sustainable development and sustainable utilization of agricultural resources. This paper presents : The concept, connotation and components of agricultural resource capacity; Resource elasticity of agricultural recourse utilization system is the supporting condition of agricultural resource capacity; Agricultural natural resource capacity is the base of agricultural resource capacity, and agricultural environment capacity is the constraint condition of agricultural resource capacity.With the assumption of the expression of agricultural resource capacity index and agricultural resource stress Index, Author further discussed the evaluation system and classified evaluating methods of agricultural resource capacity. With which, the author analyzed agricultural resource capacity of 30 Chinese provinces and made accordingly proposal on the managing strategy.Sustainable utilization of agricultural resource is the supporting theory of sustainable development. This paper presents the concept and connotation of sustainable utilization of agricultural resource, which be the foundation of the survival and development of human being. Can human realize real sustainable development, only if our economic development be built upon a well functioning sustainable utilization system of agricultural resource.The Author studies "sustainability", from analyze the concept of "sustainability", to explore the possibility of sustainable utilization of agricultural resources. Also, the Author studies the conditions on which, the sustainable utilization of non-renewable and renewable Agriculture resources could be achieved. It indicates that sustainability can only be achieved comparatively currently.Author presents the criterions to measure the sustainable utilization of agricultural resources based on the sustainable utilization spectrum of Agricultural Resource Capacity. It indicates that only if stress and support layers in the spectrum develop together, and support layer is greater than stress layer, can sustainable utilization of agricultural resources be possibly achieved.Finally, Author shows evaluating indicators' system and its model for agriculture sustainable utilization, based on agriculture resource capacity study. And further analyzed the "Sustainability" of agricultural resources utilization in 30 Chinese provinces and made accordingly proposal on the sustainable utilization of Chinese agricultural resources.
Keywords/Search Tags:Agriculture resource, Sustainability, Agriculture Resource Capacity, Sustainable Utilization of Agriculture Resources, Evaluation
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