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Countermeasure Study On The Perfection Of Housing Finance In China

Posted on:2003-02-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360065961105Subject:Agricultural economic management
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Housing finance is a fundamental problem that is related with every person's benefit. No matter in developed countries or in developing countries, it is the government's duty to solve housing problem well for its people. Because of special features during the process of house construction and consumption, such as a large quantity money demand, a long period money recycle, a slow money turnover and poor risks etc, it is an inevitable choice to combine housing industry with finance industry. One hand, finance industry can finance money for housing construction and consumption to solve problems of money deficiency. On the other hand, housing industry is a favorable investment area that can satisfy the need for profit in finance industry. The combination will supply powerful support for housing industry, and will promote finance industry's development as well.Housing finance is a part of real estate finance. It contains policy housing finance and commerce housing finance. It can be seen from the development of foreign countries' housing finance, that housing finance has played an important role in solving housing problem. In China, housing finance's growth has accompanied the development of the reform of housing system. Although being existed for only two decades, housing finance has shown its power in solving housing problem. Public accumulation fund is the main form of policy housing finance; individual mortgage loan of commercial banks is the main form of commerce housing finance. The study on housing finance in China, however, has just started, and there exist many aspects to be perfected. So housing finance has been a hot research subject these days.This dissertation contains four parts:The first part introduces the background and the research situation.The second part introduces general knowledge of housing finance, including basic conception, institution, tool and financing mode etc.The third part reviews the history of housing finance in China, and then discusses its present situation, puts forward some problems, at last analyzes the reasons.In the fourth part, having summed up the experience of foreign countries for reference, the dissertation analyzes some possible influence to housing finance after China's entrance of WTO, then comes the main body of the dissertation, that is, countermeasure and proposal on how to perfect housing finance in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:housing finance, housing system, public accumulation fund, mortgage loan
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