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Research On The Authority Supervision Of Leaders And Officials Under Socialism Market Economy

Posted on:2003-12-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:C Q YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360062986497Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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Authority is the special power of person or political group with social public authority to guide, arrange and control other person or group to do things following its willingness, and it is the special tool maintaining the continuous development and coordination of the society. All authority of our country belongs to people. People are the master of our country. Leaders and officials are the staff performing national authority representing people, and they are the servants of people. The authority of leaders and officials comes from people, and must be used for people. Authority will decay without restricting and supervising. The decay of authority means misusing of power essentially, and its basic features are abusing power for personal gain and exchanging of power and money. The decay of authority is causticity and harmful, and it is necessary to know the and necessity and importance of authority restricting and supervising.Supervision of the leader and official authority means the main body of supervision supervise, restrict, promote and control the leader and official performing authority according to specific rule and procedure, so as to avoid the misusing of power and abusing power for personal gain. The objectives of authority supervision is to correct the deviation of authority performing, and ensuring the authority is performed in legal procedure and his functions and powers. Authority supervising must obey specific principles, fulfill the needs of socialist market economic development and socialist democracy politic construction, and explore effective way and method. Its way and method including following aspects: a) perfect the authority restricting mechanism suitable for socialist market economy. Allocate power properly, establish reasonable power structure, and restrict power with power, market rule, laws and rights, so as to maintain a separating, restricting and balance relation between authorities, b) Establish socialist authority supervision system with Chinese features. Strengthen the internal supervision of the CCP, and the supervisions of the People's Congress Council, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Democratic Parties, people andmedia public opinion, etc. to form the multi-supervision system. Establish the authority supervision system and mechanism on the basis of prevention and punishment, with the focus on adapting the requirement of market economy, specifying administrative power, performing authority in terms of laws strictly, treating corruption from economic sources, removing the foundation and condition of authority decay. At the same time, strengthen the establishment of authority supervising in accordance with the regulation and features of authority operation, c) Reform staff selecting and personnel system, allocate authority resources, and so as to provide preconditions for the correct using of power. Innovate the official personnel system, further expanding the democracy in officials' work, insisting the principles generally recognized by people, allowing people to perform the rights of knowing, participating, electing and supervising. Establish the mechanisms of selecting, inspecting, checking, exchanging, resigning and punishing, and the system of ascertaining responsibilities of misusing and oversighting officials, so as to ensuring the authority hold by leaders and officials loyal to the CCP and people and equipped both with ability and moral integrity, d) Insist the integrating of supervising authority with morality and controlling authority with laws, and promote authority to operate with legal, system and standard, assuring leaders and officials to control and use power for people subjectively.The creative idea and characteristics of this article are: a) analyzing the authority decay under market economy condition through Marxism dialectical materialism and historical materialism on the basis of full and accurate fact materials, and further point out the reason, feature and harm of authority decay through phenomena, while provide objective fo...
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