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Study On Lenin: Inter-relations Between Law And Economy

Posted on:2003-04-03Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360062995953Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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Lenin established his own theory of law improvement during his analyzing the way of obtaining production materials, relationship between individuals and society as well as their legal status, inheriting and developing Marx's theory of social historical development and law formation evolution. From the analysis of Russian social historical tradition (village public-owned land and personal appendage) and agricultural economy structure as well as the related legal culture, this paper study on Lenin's thought for evolution of land possession system and revolution of economical system and the significance of this age for legal system modernization in China. Czar, Alexander II, annulled serf system and its related land possession system in 1861. In 1905, the capitalist democratic revolution declared that the farmers' living condition should be improved by possessing land through equal distribution of land without ransom. In 1917, farmers demanded to abolish all forms of private land possession system and to ban land dealing, instead, to set up a farmer land possession system. The new economic policy granted the farmers the right to select land of their own will and way of use. The evolution of land possession system reflects the change of farmer's status and improvement of rights. The link between law and land ownership can not only illustrate and analyze the law in reality, but also force and accelerate the reasonable evolution of land possession system. During Lenin's time, Russia achieved its economic system evolution from wartime communism to new economic policy, which resulted inevitably in the relating modification of the legal regulations, causing restructuring the legal rights system fundamentally. The growth of the economic regulations, such as goods exchange, free market and state capitalism, played an important role in evolution of law. To make leasing contract, crop tax and free trade work for economic progress, legalization of the regulations is a necessity. I think, why law works and different law works differently, lies on the interests of the government and the economic persons, and influence of the vested interest group, as well as the factors like culture, history, and etc. Under globalization circumstances, Lenin's thought about the integration of law and economy can provide a realistic theory and practical experiences for our economic development and legal system modernization in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Lenin, Legal Culture, Land System, Economical System
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