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The Comparison Researches And Case Analysis Of Land Ecoligical Use In China And Gernany

Posted on:2003-09-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Land-use is the important field of land science. The adjusting of the structure of land-use will be changed as the changing of international market after China entering WTO. In the new age of knowledge economic of sustainable development, Land ecological use is very important in that how to make land-use change to the way benefit to the people, to be the basis of sustainable development.Land-use in Germany have been comparison researched with China in the paper "The comparison researches and case analysis of land ecological use in China and Germany " and then want to give some helpful revelation to the adjusting of the structure of land-use in China. We choose Kaifeng city as an example and analysis the theory and practice of land ecological. This paper is composing of 8 parts.1. Preface. China has a long history of land development. China has gotten a lot of experience in land-use and obtained a great deal achievement. Using about 7% of world land support about 22% person of the world. But because of irritation use and other reason, the land problems which affect badly the sustainable development of China, especially land ecological problems, have been formed.After entering WTO, the agriculture in China has been greatly stroked firstly. Then the structure of land-use will be adjusted. The development of economic at very speed will occupy a lot of farmland. The conflict among agriculture, city, traffic and industry will intensify. In this condition, how to use land reasonably is a very important problems faced by people. The putting forward and development of the concept of sustainable development give scientific guidance to the using, protecting nature resource and exploiting, using, protecting and managing land resource reasonably. The ecological use of land is the basis of the sustainable use of land. It is also the basis and the key to sustainable development of economic, social and ecology.Germany stress greatly the ecological use of land and using, protecting land according to the ecological rule. Especially protecting the ecological function of land. The core is protecting usage and the establishment of system of land ecological use. Such as the ecological land in nature preservation zone, the land of ecological agriculture construction in farmland, the landscape ecological rehabilitation in mining areas and the land ecological superiority use. The experience of land ecological use in Germany give us a good mode using for reference to the adjusting of land use in China.2 The dynamic evaluation of land ecosystem. In this part, the different in the concept of land between Germany and China have been researched. The researchers in Germany regard land as an important compose of environment. The Chinaresearchers regard land as the system of nature and economic. Then the concept and characteristic of land ecosystem have been analyzed. The evolution of land ecosystem has been researched basis on the theory of dissipation structure.3 The comparison research about the land ecological classifies system. The scholar abroad and home hold a different point in land classification and methods. There are two land classification systems because of the using aim. One is land nature classification system or basis theory classification system. It includes two systems. The other is applied system. The common defect of this system is that the land ecological characteristic don't include in the system. S.o we want to establish the land ecological classification system according to the theory and principle of land classification and the land classification system in Germany.4 The basis theory of land ecological use. In the basis of the concept of land-use and land eco-use, the basis theory of land eco-use has been analyzed. The basis should include the theory of land sustainable use and management, the theory of land eco-balance, the theory of using land reasonably, the theory of eco-dominant using land. Then the theory of land eco-use has been analyzed on the example of Fengqiu country.5 The comp...
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