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The Theory And Approach Of IT-Based Enterprise Strategic Management Platform

Posted on:2003-04-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360065461008Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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As the information edges coming, it is necessary for enterprises to invest in and apply IT-information technology, due to IT and IT-based new technology developing rapidly. IT has already become one basic business to invest in and manage for enterprises. However, the real investment in IT is always more than its budgets, which is called "information paradox". What's more important, IT changed business environment and competitive paradigm, brought new tasks and challenges to enterprises. Therefore, the concepts, mode, tools of strategic management used by enterprises have been changing dramatically. IT has become competitive weapons to gain competitive advantages.However, the essential task of enterprise is to develop its business and to obtain profits. Enterprises shouldn't focus everything on IT. It has been proven that the policy of seeking for sole technology advance be fundamentally wrong, so scientific theory and method of IT investment needs to be established so as to improve enterprise competence through IT investment and appliance. Therefore, China's enterprises are facing two urgent tasks: to improve management and to keep up with the pace of IT development. Based on above, this paper focuses on the following objects: making effort to systemize the theory of IT-based enterprise strategic management (ITBSM), improving strategic management through using IT and improving performance of IT investment and appliance for China's enterprises.This paper discusses above questions as following:Chapter 1 firstly points out the necessity for enterprises to execute IT-based strategic management through discussing IT-enabled changes of survival and competitive environment for enterprises, competitive paradigm between enterprises and the paradox of IT investment. Then problems, which exist in improving competence through IT investment and appliance in China's enterprises, are disclosed and analyzed. Based on above, the purpose and a framework of this paper are proposed.In chapter 2, after the situation of studies on ITBSM is studied, It is found that the theory of ITBSM is far from systemized. Then comments on foreign studies on ITBSM are given from five aspects, which is recognized as the five main aspects of the theory of ITBSM by author. After that, domestic scholars' studies about ITBSM are also reviewed. Finally, the framework of the theory and method of ITBSM platform is put forward.Chapter 3 introduces the main points of strategic management science, economics, systematic science and management science and analyses the effects of IT on these scientific subjects, the relationships between ITBSM platform and them so as to establish the theoretical basis of the theory and method of ITBSM platform.In chapter 4, the competence-based planning method of ITBSM platform are proposed on the basis of analyzing the necessity of putting the planning on competence. Thus it becomes true that the planning of ITBSM platform be connected with competence. The paper also studies different types of ITBSM platform with cases.In chapter 5, general rules and process, contents of how to establish and operate the ITBSM platform are studied. Firstly, the process model of successfully establishing the platform is proposed and critical affects on the successful establishment are analyzed. Then the paper suggests that, in order to establish ITBSM platform successfully, the enterprise should establish innovation culture and mechanism through reorganizing culture, establish learning organization through reorganizing structure, and optimize and integrate enterprise's supply chain through BPR. At last, approach how to establish ITBSM platform are studied.In chapter 6, the study of dynamic evolution rules of ITBSM platforms is made through connecting enterprise's development and competence increasing with the evolution of platform according to different requirement needed in different firms and different developing stages of the same firm. Firstly, the meaning and mechanism of ITBSM platform evolution are studied. Then the...
Keywords/Search Tags:IT, Strategic Management, ITBSM, ITBSM platform, competence-based planning approach, establishment and operating of ITBSM platform, the evolution of ITBSM platform, measurement, enterprise's competence, IT performance, IT investment coefficient
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