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The Study Of Matching Theory Between Information Platform And Management Platform And The Measurement Of The Capability In ERP Project

Posted on:2005-10-04Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122482185Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Manufacturing Industry occupies vital position and plays important role in Chinanational economy. Manufacturing Informatization shows significant means to improve thecompetition capability of Manufacturing Industry and integration power of China. Theapplication and implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are the main task ofManufacturing Informatization in Chinese Manufacturing Enterprise (CME). But, thesituation of ERP application has not be satisfied for several years, because the managementmodel in CME is inconsistent with that in ERP. Simultaneously, that there are no criteriaabout implementation and method of project management in ERP project is the direct reasonto cause the high risk in ERP project. From the view of information flow's effect in enterprise management, the EnterpriseResource Cycle Structure Model (ERCSM) is presented in this paper. The model illuminatesthe interaction mechanism of logistics flow, capital flow and information flow and alsoreveals the effect of Information System (IS) on Management System (MS) of enterprise. Therealization problem of the value of IS and the measurement method on IS are discussed. The paper considers that ERP can not play its role independently without integratingwith MS in enterprise environment. IS can reveal its role and realizes its value by tightlyintegrating with MS. The paper innovatively presents the Matching Theory between ISplatform and MS platform which gives an answer to the problem of the relationship amongenterprise Informatization and management reform. The paper uses the graph theory andenterprise modeling technology to interpret the Matching Theory. ERP project executive process is an important step of implementing the match betweeninformation platform and management platform. Combined the Full Lifecycle Theory withProject Management Theory, the paper presents the Full Lifecycle oriented ERP ProjectManagement Theory. The definition and the division standard of ERP stage are given, and atthe same time the evaluation method and the method of feasibility study are analyzed. The IIpaper also innovatively presents the Implementation Capability Evaluation Model for ERP(ERP-ICEM) in order to solve the situation of lack of quantificational evaluation method onERP project management. ERP-ICEM realizes the evaluation to ERP implementation teamand provides enterprise to improve its capability by using the evaluation standard andcontrastive analysis method. Finally, the paper brings out the demonstration study to T Corporation by usingERP-ICEM and provides some constructive advice and strategy to improve the capability ofthe Implementation team of T Corporation. The Matching Theory can explain the true meaning of the strategy of Improvingindustrialization via Informatization, the theory has the vital significance by helpingenterprise to realize the effect of Informatization and fetch the key steps, it can brings intoplay great effect to improve Manufacturing Informatization Engineering (MIE).
Keywords/Search Tags:Enterprise Resource Cycle Structure Model (ERCSM), Information Platform, Management Platform, Matching Theory, Full Lifecycle, ERP Project Management Theory, Implementation Capability Evaluation Model for ERP (ERP-ICEM)
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