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The State-owned Enterprise Groups And Railway Enterprise Groups An Empirical Analysis

Posted on:2003-11-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360065464291Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Enterprise group is an advanced form,which is the result of high development of market economy and the socialization manufacture. In the developed courtier,the enterprise group becomes the state's economical lifeline and the important form which promotes the development of productivity. It plays an important role in facilitating the resource allocation,and achieving the equitable adjustment of industry framework as well as the modemization of manufacture instrumentality.During the course of establishing the socialism market economy system the enterprise reform must be deepened and the state-owned enterprise must be reformed,which has been the key contents of the economical works since 1978. Organizing and developing enterprise group is a major choice of the relbun and development of state-owned enteiprises. It is advantageous to improve the enterprise's organization,to clarify the property,to ameliorate the administration,to put the management system in order and to depth the enterprise's reform. Since reforming and opening,the Chinese enterprise groups have developed rapidly,but there are some problems,such as imperfect systems,unreasonable organization structures,over-intervening government,low-level management,low-ability to research and develop as well as short competition of products. It is still (lie primary stage for the enterprise groups to develop. It requires to establish modern enteiptise institution,step by step to pay attention to standardizing building and to improve corporate governance for the better environment of the enterprise groups.On the foundation of defining the notion of enterprise and enterprise group,thestate-owned enterprise and the state-owned enterprise group as well as their history,this thesis compares and analyses the state-owned enterprises in the world,and analyses the development and reforms of Chinese state-owned enterprises in the view of economics. It also systematically analyses the development patterns of enterprise group especially railway enterprise group theoretically and positively. It consists of six chapters.In chapter 1,after defining the enterprise and enterprise group,the article stales the appearance and development of the enterprise group in the point of the existence of market exchange costs. The enterprise groups are considered to be organization forms which not only fit for the modern market economy,but galso make the enterprise organizations and the market ones alternate mutually. Then the proposition provides the main problem and the research framework.In chapters,The state-owned enterprise is defined,moreover,the emergence and the history of the state-owned enterprise are introduced. The state-owned enterprise exists not only in socialist states,but also in capitalist states. This chapter also compares and analyses the state-owned enterprise's model and construction of the most countries in the world,which puts forward some valuable-expei ience. The following clarify the certainty of Chinese state-owned enterprises' reforms and the reasonability of the theory innovation and the institution innovation during 1he progress of the reforms.In chapters,the economies of scale and the firm's scale will be discussed. Forming and expanding the enterprise group is one of the means by which the firm's scale grows. Afterwards it studies the generation and evolution of the Chinese enterprise groups in aspect of the comparison and choice of the construction and corporate governance of the enterprise groups. It also makes a study of the motiveforce of the development of the Chinese plate-owed enterprise groups in the point of the economical rationality,and provides 'he organization model and corporate governance model which fit for (he Chinese enterprise groups,resavcs the relationship of "six committees and seven sides".Chapter 4 analyses the difficult position of the Chinese railways,then consider and settles some important problems in the progress of the reform and development of the Chinese railways.It is a realistic thinking of railw...
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