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The Problem Of The Chinese Industries Security Under The Conditions Of The Economic Globalization

Posted on:2003-07-13Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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From the view of the Marxism, the essence of the Economic Globalization means a trend of international relationship, which is caused by countries that outspread in order to get more benefit. During this process, Western Developed countries found and dominate the basic framework of the rules and the institutions of the contemporary international economic issues , which challenges greatly the security of the national industries of the developing countries including China. Moreover, China still lives in an era of economic system change when our productivity is by far as strong as developed countries. Moreover the irrational system and policies make our national industries' competency and the security hard to increase. Thus, this two kinds of illequilibrium of institutions from outside and inside of China is the key cause which affect the fulfillment of our nation's desired interest in this world, fa this article , institutions include the rules which decide the people's behavior , actions and other rights or responsibility which affect the people's living directly such as public policies . From this concept of the word 'institutions', the occurrence and disposal of the problem of the industries security is a process of Institution Change from illequilibrium to equilibrium . Under the present historical conditions of our country , this process includes two levels that are economic system change and the adjustment of economic policies . The latter includes the innovation of our country's policies in foreign investment, the foreign trade and the encouragement for infantile industries and the industry Organization aimed mainly at big group strategy and industry technology . The former includes the innovation of enterprises' system of our state-owned companies and other national companies. Though this suggestions just mentioned should be done as soon as possible , the institution change may not happen according to the view of New Institutional Economics . The reason is that the existent of different models of institution change brings various influences and the institution change is Path dependency. What's more , the industry security is a problem which affect all people of a nation , so the model of institution change of our country should be the combination and innovation of the imposed institutional change in which central government controls the Macro-policy adjustment and the induced institutional change in which the national companies decides the Micro-system change. From the view of development , industry security polices show a strong dynamic feature , which can be proved by the history facts , so the design of industry security must be adjusted with the change of the history conditions.
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