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The Theoretial And Practical Research On Auctions And Bidding In China

Posted on:2003-09-24Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360065961007Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Invitation to tender, bid and auction, is an important method to arrange and obtain projects, cargos and services, which has a long history in China and has been widely applied all over the world. Invitation to tender, bid and auction are concerned to the ancient Greece and Rome slave trade, the Netherlands flower market, Sothebys Auction House, public source development employ and public project contracts and processing of bankrupt enterprise, etc. In our country, with the reforming of the socialist market economic, more and more economic behavior, such as government purchase, invitation of building project, sell of the national debt, etc. are all dealed with Bid and Auction, and the quantity is increasing rapidly. As affected by history condition, now the theory and research of bid is just limited to level of the law, business and program, which is seldom concerned to corresponding theory. As a result, to research bid theory present based on our actual economic and culture and history condition that suitable to our country is great helpful to society. This is also the reason the thesis comes out.The first chapter contains the basic concept of invitation to tender and bid. It provides a brief definition and feature in law and its relationship with auction. Application of bid scope in subject, target and quota by means of comparison. A definition to the 3 main pattern of public bid, invitation to tender and negotiation according to the international essential bid law. Give a concise description for the program of bidding.The second chapter covers the corresponding theory of bid. It consists auction theory, uncompleted information static state gambling and chess with its application and analysis of the western auction and bid theory in principle and auction rules destination, which is from classic Europe auction and bid theory. A description to the current status of bid theory and research on basis of turning to the reference from China National library, ZheJiang Library and ZheJiang University.The third chapter is concerned to China bid of building engineering, mechanical and electronic equipment, government purchase, scientific research services, export quota, foreign loan, national reserve fund, land expropriation, enterprise property rights. Medical medicines and the fields of precious products or articles, etc.Meanwhile, all kinds of purchase bid and market development is also involved. In addition to the general expounding, analysis is provided for the present problem existed in our country building engineering bid, in form of sampling and investigation report. This chapter has a characteristic of comprehensive description proprivate comments, true contents.The forth chapter give a research on international bid rules and principle by means of competition, expectedly in foreign bid system structure, UNITED NATION PURCHASE DEMONSTEATE LAW, WTO GOVERNMENT PURCHASE AGREEMENT EUROPEAN UNION PURCHASE INSTRUCTIONS, WORLD BANK PURCHASE GUIDE. Analysis the feature, basic principle, core standard, competitive measure and US bid system.The fifth chapter is about the philosophy value of bid system. Major in keeping order value of bidding in Socialist Market Economic, controlling right value (of public purchase in free decision and measurement) and economic value (of decreasing cost, increasing economic benefit).The sixth chapter is concerned to inner motive force of bid, analysis with the stratification way on investigating questionnaire data, pick out the hinder factor to motive force of bid, then from bids and social side, apply mathematic tools to research in control right benefits, low price bidder and searching for rent, considering hinder factor. Then design a plan of encouragement and supervise in public benefit building subject.The seventh chapter research in designation of bid system, consists optimized auction theory, contract invite bids encourage systems, decision of reasonable bids person quantity and dealing with the conflict between bidders.The eighth chapter con...
Keywords/Search Tags:Invitation to tender, Bid, Auction, Game theory, Encourage system, Policy decision, System design
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