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Land Use/Land Cover Classification And Change Detection In Shanghai Pudong New Area Using Landsat TM Data

Posted on:2001-09-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Ahmad AlomarFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360092466646Subject:Physical Geography
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In April,1990,Chinese government made a grand strategic decision of developing and opening Pudong,in order to take the development and opening of Shanghai Pudong as the dragon-head in developing the economy of the Changjiang River Delta . It was made clear that,in the following ten years,this decision will be put into effect with all concentrated efforts to build Pudong into a world-class modernized new region,an enable of new Shanghai in the 21st century. Therefore,Shanghai will be built into one of the centers of economy,finance and trade in Fast East. This will embodies the confidence and determination of Chinese government in adherence to the open policies.At present,Shanghai Pudong New Area is a key region to open to the outside world,it has become a heating point to invest in the development of Pudong and attracted world-wide attention. The changed in land use/land cover in Pudong New Area occurred as a result of Chinese government policies to generate job and improve regional economy of the Pudong New Area. The land use /land cover changed is important because it underlines land planning and management,and forecast the future possibility changes.Remote sensing technique has proved to effective tools to detect,analyze,and evaluate land use/land cover classification and changes detection over time. In this research project,changes in land use /land cover were detected in Shanghai Pudong New Area between 1990 and 1997 using Landsat TM imagery. Maximum likelihood classification utilizes in this study using two software IDRISI,and ER Mapper 5.5. The classification procedure using ER Mapper more easier and quicker than Idrisi and it yields overall accuracy higher than Idrisi. But by applying the purification on the training sample (Idrisi),the classification accuracy will increase.About 30 % of land use/ land cover in the study area changed during the period (1990-1997). Considering the classes assigned to the imagery,Built-up area was the class with the highest rate of changed,it increase from 16.71% to 46.63 %,the rate of increase was about (+4.98 %) a year .The farm class was second class with change,it decrease from 67.47% to 45.62 %,the rate of decrease was (- 3.64 %) a year,it modified into built-up area .And also vegetable decrease from 12.54 % to 4.65%,and it also modified to built up area also . But the water has not changed significantly. The increasing in built up area coming form farm and vegetable.The study shows that the use of remote sensing data can be very cost effective for monitoring land use / land cover changed in Pudong New Area.
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